Another newb first grow. Fainting Goat

First time grower.

Straing: Fainting goat feminized - started from seed.
Methid: coco/perlite 75/25
These are in 1 gal plastic pots, and the big ones are in 10 gal fabric pots.
GH 3 part flora nutrients PH: 5.8-6.2
Indoor in a 10x10 room (currently only using half the room/lights.
Lights: Quantum boards 4x288’s per fixture HLG600 drivers 1 per fixture. I’ve got 2 fixtures over these plants.
Temps: 72 at night, and 75-77 day.
Humidity is low, at 30%
Sealed room with ability to vent/dump air to the outside.
Set up to run Co2, but will wait until I’m doing better with basics.

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Sounds like you are off to a great start.

Pictures or it didn’t happen!

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I’m out of likes but I’ll be here.

It’s a mess. Here’s some pictures.


I think it’s a sulfer/magnesium deficiency. That’s from the illustrations in the cannabis grow bible. I’m pretty lost though. Not sure what’s going wrong.

The markings look like a phosphorus deficiency to me, but I’m not so much an expert.

Overall your plants appear healthy, maybe just a bit droopy, but it’s not too bad and it happens from time-to-time.

Also the plants in the bigger fabric pots are the same Fainting Goat strain as the smaller plants. They’ve been the same size and not really shown much vertical growth in 10-12 days. I’m not getting the big fat wide fan leaves on them anymore.

More on my nutrients.
Armor Si 1ml gallon
Calmag 5ml gallon
Flora Micro 2.5ml gallon
Flora gro 2.5ml gallon
Flora bloom 1.2ml gallon
Coco-Wet wetting agent 1mg gallon
Diamond Nectar 5ml gallon
Some Superthrive at recommended dose.

Mix up 40 gallons of RO water with these nutrients, and hand feed with a pump, hose and wand. I keep the nutrient res oxygenated with airstones and the temp of nutrient water is 68 -70.

Sorry, just throwing stuff out here as my mind thinks of it.

How often are you feeding? Coco should be fed everyday . I had a running mag deficiency for the longest time then @MattyBear recommended I feed everyday. I was afraid of drowning my plants at first but it been night and day since I started feeding daily . Quicker growth and all my deficiencies have been resolved .

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Would you feed promix the same way? Its peat based as opposed to coconut husk.

I have never tried promix . I know that even saturated coco coir retains more than enough oxygen for the plants. I’d have to look into how promix works.

Ok, I’m definitely not feeding every day. Been waiting for them to basically dry out before feeding. Same reason, worried about drowning them.

I known it’s kinda one of the big no no’s . Coco is a different animal though. You can even hear it sucking oxygen into the pots when you water . Always water with enough so you have about 20% run off. Keeps the salts from building up

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So far Im watering a small amount every day for the cannabis. Seems to be ok? Of course they are only a few weeks old. This is my first attempt at promix, I was doing pure liquid hydro before.

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This one was born New Years day!thats a sour cream tub not a solo cup! The thing is huge! Half the width of a toilet!


Type in the search bar Fertigation and find my post . It’s about 4 post down the page . It’s a good read


Looking good!

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Promix doesn’t need to be watered daily like coco. It can be treated more like soil and dry out before watering

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Do you do 5.8 - 6.0 for ph ?

What nutrients are you using? Organic or synthetic?