Another new member, new grower, and new to autoflowers!

I will never buy nursery plants for this exact reason. Every time I bring an outside plant home, I get bugs.

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yeah, never again!!!


Hey guys, so week 3 and my babys are really stunt. Went to war with those damn bugs the whole last week. Thankfully non of the planta died but they are really severly stunt, bugs did alot of damage im surprise they disnt die. A couple lost most of there leafs due to those bastds eating them alive. But no it looks like i won the war. I used some pesticide a friend brought from work. Worked but it took a couple of days to get them all. Finally yesterday, my captain jack, sticky traps, and neem oil came so hopefully it all gets under control. In order for me to reduce the bug population and annihilate them i had to put the plants outside and focus only on 1 in the tent. Althought the outside ones got the same treatment

So i also received my jack321 combo and coco. So im considering taking this 1 plant in the tent, outside to not risk any contaigon to the new plants. Or leave it there idk, there is zero signs of the bugs incluiding in the sticky traps but they are sneaky, thoughts?

I will upload some pics later when lights on

This is the one i kept in the tent the rest are outside, this one was the one that was growing the fastest, shes also recovering faster.

They are all recovering but stunt by the damn bugs. Zero sign of bugs so far, Dealt with them and now they are recovering. Most of them lost the first leaves or partial due to getting eating alive. New growth is all healthy

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Tent update: germ 5 more seeds, 2 white widow auto’s and 3 sour diesel…(one sd outside)
Mulch’d all pots with volcanic rock. No sign of pests

Outside ww

The 2 white widows and sour diesel autos are in the tent on 3 gal fabric pots with coco+perlite running on jacks 321 with fishsh!t and silica

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Gave her a manicure :green_heart:


Well my thread is dead lol but here are more pic updates

The 3g pots are running in jack321 currently with coco+perlite, fishsht, and silica. They are 2 white widow auto and 3 sour diesel(sd couple days behind) : week 1

Not dead - I’m still watching :grimacing::grin:

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