Another new member, new grower, and new to autoflowers!

Might as well drop a pic of my poor babies

Day 16 or 17 not sure


They aren’t looking too bad man. You did the right thing getting Jacks. So you got Part A, B, and Epsom salts right?

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Yeap now i got a shtload of extra soil

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Your babies are looking great :+1:.

Happy growing


Hey budz well guess what i think ur theory is wrong the proof is in the pudding mate you have seen my grow i havent had any problems it has been easy for me no guess work I understand that my way of growing is to hard for you and thats fine . I I guarantee you have more problems then i have had and i bet you have to do more with ur grow then what i have to do with mine you know the only thing ive had a problem with is humidity and i got that under control …have another look at my pic of my plant budz and think again happy growing mate

It’s because these products contain organic materials, lots of countries strictly control these kinds of things like forests products, plants, anything that may have any living thing in it. FFOF could have some microbes or bug in it that could destroy natural habits in other countries…

It seems to me like you have had a few bumps in the road. And there is nothing wrong with that. But, you’re coming on a little strong here, mate.


Sorry you’re upset friend. I had a good bit of bumps in my first grow. Sure. My grows 2,3,4 had no real issues besides humidity. On 3… 2 and 4 where perfect.
Two was an very much organic style grow with no ph adjustments/checks. Doc’s salt, tribus bloom, hf, myco fungi, calmag… I switched to jacks and coco. I’ve had some bumps since. I’ve also had exponential increases in daily growth and way more understanding of what my girls want and need. Ask anyone who’s ever tried coco, if they will ever go back to soil. You’ll find some who have. The majority are gonna say no.

Would I grow in my old super soil again? Absolutely. Was it easier? Yes. Was it half the work? Yes. Was it half the growth and speed of maturity vs a Hydroponic environment such as an innert medium like coco. Much more than yes. So yes. Do what you do. What works best for you. The only harder part about coco is the extra time required. Since unlike soil. In coco you can increase daily growth at whim almost with increased watering. Or daily fertigation. Watering 2-4 times a day. Because your medium allows it, and you hopefully know your girls by that point you won’t burn them. You can, get more growth in soil with different watering schedules. But you can also way way over water.

But yeah. I’ve had a couple issues in the past. And when you talk about my grows on here. Which one? 1-5 are documented across two separate threads. 4 was first in coco. Basically a week before 5. I’m now on 6 and 7. What’s great? Yes I’ve had humidity issues on current 6 and 7… if I was in soil though. With these issues. I highly doubt I’d be flipping my clones already. Since the clones I had in soil never had a single issue. Perfect lives. 30 days with issue till flip in coco. Or 45-60 days in soil with no issue’s. Have issues. Add more days… coco can not only be messed up easier. It can also be remidied practically instantly. Unlike soil where you can remedy it, an wait a couple days to see what happens. In coco you’ll know in 12 hours…

So to me. That’s why coco is the ideal option. You’re welcome.


I’m gonna give you the benefit of a doubt and assume you got me confused with someone else.

If this is having issues. Would I want to be correct?


Hey we are all growers here we are here to share knowledge and information and to help each other and any new comers to growing and we all have different approaches to growing i have no hard feelings to anyone im just trying to do my best with my grow and trying to help anyone that needs help and im sorry if i sounded abit upset but really im not upset at all ,i know you were only expressing your views and im grateful for this .anyway happy growing how is ur grow goin anyway mine is about three weeks away from harvest i cant wait to see how much im goin to get from this harvest my last one i got 5.5 ozs this one im hoping for 8-9 oz .in my next grow i will be doin a mix of kelp meal and alfalfa meal and sea bird guano ,worm castings and bat guano and volcanic rock dust with superworm frass also live worms in my pots i will be doin a cover crop in those pots

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Ur plants look good

Gorgeous big girl

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I want one

Thinking in maybe starting over, this thrips are getting some damage done

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I couldn’t say anything as far as that goes. I would make a new topic about it.

Yea i think i will, i have a biddy that works in a pest company he said he was gonna come over with some firepower. Hopefully i dont get tht much damage. 2 are already to fckd up sadly. God dammit i knew i shouldnt off put those damn nursery plants in there

Here is a poc of the criminals

Got some souther ag neem oil, captain jack and sticky taps coming in monday as well.

Fuck… why the first grow

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I think thrips are green or white… I truly don’t know though.

Also, careful with language on the forum :hugs:


Because that’s how the plants force us to learn.

I had thrips, spider mites, and powdery mildew all on my first grow. Fungus gnats that just won’t quit on the second grow.

Captain Jack’s dead bug and Neem Oil in alternating treatments will handle all of them (except the PM, that was a peroxide problem). But that doesn’t really look very thrip-y to me. I can tag @Lacewing he’s the resident bug expert, but he’s been busy and silent on the forum a lot lately.

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Damn and how did those grows go at the end?

Oh my god what the heck is this thing :sob:


First grow was 2.65 ounces (1 actual plant and one very stunted auto from my own beginner problems), second grow is at 1.75 ounces so far for the one plant that was ready for harvest. I’ve got two others still flowering out right now and won’t be ready for several weeks, but I’ll be sure to update when it’s done.

Nothing that can’t be overcome. :+1: