Another messed up plant

@garrigan62 @Majiktoker I have 6 plants and I was trying to correct ph nute lock etc etc issues with ph water well that isn’t working. It used to be my bestbplant but now obviously others have surpassed it (or it’s no longer the lowest common denominator). I fight ph issues every day and can’t get any plants to recover, only the good ones stay good but the bad ones never get better. They are not bushy at all. New pot no nutes a little calmag and ph water that’s it. I guess I need to take it out and get a run off and dowse it with proper ph and make sure I get a good reading and then hope I didn’t kill it

Btw this is super embarrassing when others seem to care less but have more success

That sounds like a good start to me.

Really? @TxGrowman I am ashamed

NO need to be ashamed. Growing cannabis is not a instinctive thing, it takes some learning.


Couldn’t have said it better myself @TxGrowman


Its not dead, their problem is nitrogen toxicity

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Thanks everyone and @Majiktoker I have a feeling at its core it’s a ph issue. I have the same soil as every other plant and it’s 4 weeks old. No nutes so I just rinsed with ph 6.4 and it came out in the mid 6 range. Man I hope that helps these 3 gal pots are huge and heavy!!

Yup that’s an indicate your ph needs to come up .4 if your runoff is coming out brown just water until it comes out clear

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Part is also probably related to needing a larger pot. That’s why new growth at the top is pretty because I just transplanted

I would say that your main problem is that your over Watering your plants and what’s happening is every time you water your making the nutrients in the soil more accessible to your plants when your plants don’t need it right now or at least not that much and by over-watering you are also causing pH issues … because your roots are dying and the decaying roots are not a good thing that’s what’s throwing your pH out of whack …so the first thing I would recommend is start to learn how to water correctly and next time you make soil try half soil and half perlite which might seem a little extreme but for somebody that has a hard time learning the watering curve , which we all did when we started , it might help you… so from here on out less watering and let’s see how they snapback… :wink:

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Thank you @peachfuzz well yes you are right but I deliberately and I mean that with emphasis, have not over watered but your point about unlocking nutrients makes good sense. I even had a water lock where it took over 7+ days to get dry. I may be in a loop or catch 22. I have 30-40% perlite. My issue is to be ventilation but now it seems to be ph.

This one has been bumming me out so much that I just changed my approach and watered till runoff was acceptable. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Like this guy (not to pick on anyone in more than a joking way) Super Excited Newbie Here he had trouble with temps and environment but his plants look great! I have better control over my environment but mine are not great. Just perplexed.

I’m book smart but not experience smart. I can talk for hours about this subject but can’t say I would have success myself

It will come to you eventually …the biggest thing you need to understand is you need to have a lot of patience… right now you’re doing what we call squeezing the bunny to death and what I mean by that is your loving your plants too much and not letting them grow or do their thing… you’re like a mom that never lets her kids go outside to play because she can’t see what they’re doing 24 hours out of the day and that’s no fun … so your plants aren’t having any fun …maybe put a little radio in there with a little bit of classic rock or some reggae music and you must always go in there with a positive attitude because your plants feed off of your aggression and your attitude… they are living things , don’t you know… lol :wink:

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lol I love this I actually had reggae playing 24x7 before I realized I needed the second fan and subsequent outlet 2 1/2 weeks or so out of the ~4 weeks I’m at right now . Literally had that exact attitude and worked so hard and made many mistakes due to gaps in learning (I had great resources just some omissions like temp when germinating). Now I am in a mode where it’s so new that I am loving them to death but really not that extreme. I mainly just look at them all the time and adjust fans lighting and change humidifier

Patience is the key. Work through the problem systematically. Correct one thing and sometimes the others are corrected. I remember how frustrating it was for me when I started. I finally just relaxed a little and things started falling into place. Keep working the problem and there is a LOT of support here to help you.

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Thanks @TxGrowman I agree that’s why I am with ph. It’s

  1. The biggest issue with the plant in general
  2. Takes care of more than one symptom
  3. Is something I wasn’t concentrating on at the beginning.


  1. It is my first grow
  2. Some are doing pretty well (but still not amazing)
    3.I have enough to fail and still get something


  1. its a long way to the goal line
  2. I have learned at every phase but not this one

So I’m trying to learn something.

Yet another post from a person who has beautiful plants but environmentally the plant is not well.
Whats going on here?
I have a great environment but am struggling with everything else.
It must be my T5s. I haven’t seen many cfl/T5 journals only LED and hps etc
I have an led for flower tent but haven’t used it yet.

Hey please never take anything that I say personal or that I am being negative towards you at all… I have problems all the time , I killed some plants just a while back and it wasn’t on purpose… so trust me and they were big plants that took a long time to get to that point… I know all about frustration and aggravation , but you gotta understand at some point you have to also relax and let things happen as they do… one thing I will tell you that will go a long way… is you want to learn to clone plants and then after you learn to clone them you want to learn to make them adapt to their lifestyle that you provide… because you can’t do everything for everybody and you can’t always grow the same strain because who wants that all the time… but either way at some point you will realize that you were able to take some strains and make them adapt to your environment which means I’m not giving them anything special I’m just providing them with everything that they need and in return they Supply me with very good medicine …sometimes things that we think are so hard and complicated aren’t really hard or complicated at all… we just make them that way …so like I said , I’ve Been Everywhere You have been at one time or another as far as screwing up or doing something wrong or whatever …learn from it and carry it on from here and don’t be discouraged by hard times and dead plants , nor anything that anybody says to you… like I said , please don’t ever take anything I say personal… I’m only here to help… much love …keep it green and good luck… if you need any more info brother I will do my best to help you out…