Another light question

So first time trying growing. Made a 4x8 enclosure 6 ft tall indoors with a DWC system. Bought three crappy Amazon lights. Looking to get rid of those after all the reading I have done on here. Which is better Mars hydro TS3000 or Spider FARMS SF 4000? Think I will need 2 of them depending on which one I go with. Is there a better option maybe not so expensive? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lights are your number one biggest investment…do your reading & research, spend wisely. I won’t talk lights plenty of ppl will come in with that. I built all my lights… here’s all my old blurples. LoL


Initial purchase cost < cost to run the light over time

I’d determine my budget, and then pick the most efficient light I could, and reconstruct my space to fit the light. The good news is that you’ll save enough on flowers to buy more lighting soon enough.

The Mars and Spydrfarmer lights are okay. Some are even good (efficient), but HLG makes reliably top quality lights for a valuable price. I would look there after setting a budget.

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There is also a couple light threads in here you can check out. Your first questions to answer are - price range - diy or plug n play and room size or quantity… 8’ x 4’ is a big space man. Are you gonna split it having different lights aka flower n veg? There are some kick ass lights you’ll pay the price for plug n play like gavita and electric sky but some HLG and Pacific light builds which are so comparable.

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My burples lasted 2 weeks and have been in storage ever since. I wrote a bad review on Amazon for the light I bought and the company contacted me and offered me money to change my review. Burples are a scam. Run! lol.

I don’t know if it’s worth a bad review everyone’s got to start somewhere. I don’t say anything usually but it bugs me when ppl rip into someone “that won’t grow weed”. It absolutely will but it just ain’t winning bom LoL… I grew my first Chocolope on 2 - 1000w blurps. Got me haf and accomplished the task. Growing just ain’t for everyone and it be dumb af investing in a $1000 diablo for one grow. Gotta remember many ppl come in here having just bought their 1st seed ever and believe what ppl tell them. I just prefer not telling ppl you have to use this to grow this (insert cola pic).


The other thing is you hardly ever see someone recommend hid in here either. Almost all…no the commercial grows Ive see usually all have hid lighting. They gotta know something right? LoL

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I am not planning on splitting it up. Going to veg then flower the whole lot. Also have a 4x2 for mother and clones.

I just switched to sun supply magnum xxxl 8", MH ,going to see what that’s about and change to HPS when I flip