Another LED vs heating mat or a heater

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I live in upstate New York, Adirondacks. I set up my grow tent and hung a 270 watt LED but my tent isn’t warm enough. I’m germinating 4 seeds in case one doesn’t sprout. The temperature went down to 64 at night so I brought my girls inside to keep them warmer. I thought the LED would give off a lot of heat but it doesn’t, also has a fan. I planted seeds on 4/16, it was 80 degrees during the day. No sign of growth yet. Should I add another light? Just don’t want electrical expense of HPS light. You don’t think I should get another led? Are these heating methods specifically for grow tent? Need help or suggestions!”

there are small mats for germinating seeds to provide a consistent and adequate temp for your purpose


I use a 24" x 48" heating mat to line the floor of my 2 x 4 tent and it helps keep my tent in my unheated basement about 72 degrees even in winter (near Boston). I considered adding a space heater but this was all I needed. although I keep my sprouts and seedlings in a propagation tray with domed lid and under a T5, I don’t introduce them to the LED or the tent they have outgrown the dome. I have the smaller mat that @kabongster linked under my propagation tray, and the larger size from the same maker on my tent floor.

Hope this helps and happy growing.

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I got a heating pad from the local dollar store for $10. It keeps my seedlings at 77 degrees.
Should be available at any drugs store too. Happy Growin

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Same set up for me only thru basement into back garage probably little colder. Right now I moved my 3 seedlings and 1big bud that never popped and 1 new big bud germinated on 4/23 back into grow tent. My temps are 78 w/56 humidity during day but 68 lowest night temp w/56 humidity. Should they be in the tent? I have 270 watt LED, heating mat and another LED arriving any day now. Also worried about big bud :pensive: