Another latewood favroite. Chef D


All the topping and advanced methods rolled into one video

First plant, buds kind of small

Great video! Many thanks!


i like this guy @latewood when is the aquaponics podcast? tonight?
thanks for putting this up!


Podcast is every Thursday. Too much info; must say…


@BIGE @latewood been watching chef d for a few years now hahahha
Awesome brother was surprised to see the link this morning hahaha
I listen to the podcast on replay unfortunately I’m asleep when you guy go live but I do listen every week great info on it for sure
Thanks for posting


Well, here you go. This could be me. The videos I am sharing are exactly how I m currently growing; Including the following video. I swear; I have done all this but, not been able to publish :frowning:

Here is another. Although I have built my own soil, made all the hydro systems, and make my own nutrients; I am currently using Pro Mix, and using Flower Pwer in order to determine how well the Robert Bergman system is working. :slight_smile:


Nice @latewood this guy does have quite the grow going
He also has a few other videos on super cropping and lollipopping as well that might be helpful to some of the members who need that visual ad


I saw that video and wasn’t sure if I could or should put it up on here because of my level of knowledge does not extend to being sure he is doing things the way it truly should be done . Chef makes cloning look like easy peasy lemon sqeezy and I still haven’t got the hang of that one. Anyhow thank you for posting this one


I’ve been watching him for years, he is awesome!



That’s the video I watched last week. Was great to see all the methods in one video so you can see the difference. Sometimes the terminology gets confusing to me so i do better with the visual.


I wish as a musician he cared about audio quality I mean he made the soundtrack so he must know something. Latewood would do better in that respect.
Also we don’t need to know your last name is butts that’s embarrassing enough.

Ither than that it was awesome!:+1:t4:


This is amazingly awesome!! Makes me far less hesitant to try super cropping :v: And I can hardly wait to try taking clones from my budding beauties (who are still vegging)
Thank you so much for sharing this :sunglasses::green_heart:
[going to YouTube to find more… feel like another world has just opened!]


Great stuff!