Another ILGM Blueberry Auto grow

I don’t know what to tell you about your height issue ???

I lnow we talked about this before, your plants are only going to get bigger and better, you might want to consider a tent ?

Two areas would give you options

Still looking good I noticed some mild damage of bending to the top leaves I really couldn’t tell what it was from the angle but everything still looks good

Yeah, this plant is getting smashed up in the box.

I was window shopping on amazon, and this size works perfect for my closet.
Just don’t know if it is a good one to buy…
If there are better brands, with similar dimensions, feel free to recommend. :slight_smile:

I own Apollo tent’s and highly recommend and great company to do business with

People are going to tell you that the zippers leak light and they do a little bit but not so it matters

I have other tents and the Apollo works just as well as the more expensive ones and the zippers work very easy compared to the other models which are more involved and forced me to kneel down to zip it because I have back injuries

Apollo’s very accessible and you can add to it as needed


That’s good to hear!

How hard is it to put together?
I’ve Never put up a tent, and obviously I won’t be able to read any directions…

I kind of see me sitting in a pile of tent poles, brackets and cover, frustrated and confused. lol

You just perfectly described me putting together my 5x5 LOL

I’m not going to lie it’s not the easiest thing, the Apollo went together pretty easy Once I figured it out

it’s like a certain move you gotta do, a certain move a certain way at a certain time

The positive is I think that size would be a lot easier to handle, I think you’ll be okay you would lie it flat and put it together that way and I think that would work best

The Apollo unzips all the way around one side at the bottom making it easier to facilitate than some brands (I just went and checked LOL) …we’ll get it together!

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Also if you have a walk in closet. Measure the doorway first. I found out the hard way and realized i would have had to build my 323262 IN my closet if i wanted it in there cuz my doorway was too narrow :expressionless:… But i didnt wanna take it apart so i said screw it lol.

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Ok guys, I thought I’d just think on it for a while… but today is one of those days where everything wants to piss you off.

So, after fighting with the plant for longer than I’d like to admit, I just turned off my little intake fan to save the leaves and little brantches from being chewed worse than they already are.

I ordered the tent, so it should be here early next week.

Once I get it, I’ll move everything over, and probably buy an additional Mars 300W to go in the tent. :slight_smile:
Just got to get the tent, and get it together first. lol

My closet isn’t much of a walk in, so this tent should work just fine.

I’m already day dreaming about the tent, with 2 Mars 300W lights, and 2 or 3 Autos in 3 gallon pots. :wink:


Will get it together boss give a holler when you’re ready and will talk you through it

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Just an update.

The Apollo Tent came in yesterday, and after putting it together, moving the old box out of the closet, then having to do some extra work to the closet to make the tent fit, I eventually got everything switched over.
It took all day. lol

Big thx to my Old Lady with the help. :slight_smile:

I am waiting on another Mars 300W LED to arrive, and I should be cooking! :slight_smile:
One slight annoying thing.
I bought some of the Apollo Rope Hangers for the lights, but the clips are to small to clip directly to the tents poles.
So, I had to get some string, tie it to the pole, and clip the light hanger to it…
Why couldn’t they just make the clip bigger, so you could clip directly to the tent and everything would be more secure?

Anyways, everything is going good again, although I am still running out of space in the hight area, but I have a little more room to play with. lol

I’m really excited to get the second Mars 300W LED in the tent and seeing how that helps out.

I’m expecting good things. :wink:

Somebody caught the fever! …glad it’s going well my friend keep us informed! :thumbsup:

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couldn’t you just flip the hanger? wrap chord around the pole to attaché then connect the ratchet directly to the light?

Buddy let me help you with those hangers, you put the clip part over the top tent pole then you clip it to its own rope

Just give me a shout if I can help with anything else cuz I don’t see every thread and honestly I kind of speed-read everything and I miss a lot

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Just giving some updated pics of the 2 plants.

This girl is a runt. lol
29 days old, so I’m not expecting a tun off of her, but maybe she’ll surprise me though.
I’m going to guess she was stunted by a lack of light in the grow box, because she seems to be doing a bit better in the tent, with an extra light…
She’s about half the size she should be I think…


How about a profile picture? I love seeing the node spacing as well. :smile:

Ah, I’ll try to take some tomorrow.

Those side shots seem hard when they are that short. lol

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Ok, this one is 47 days old…

I’m not sure what to think about this girl… lol


Hola! …the big plant has some Leaf issues how much longer do you think it has to go?

Also are you feeding a Cal Mag supplement & have you been keeping the pH in the 6.5 range?

First time posting here . Hello all! To me if its just the top of that plants leaves that are yellow then maybe your lights are to close. But I do say your plans looks good.

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I think Doc Holliday might be on to something, I’m not familiar with LED and what kind of burns they cause but the plant does look great except for those few leaves on the top

I am soaking my seeds now. I have a new set up that I haven’t set up yet. No time yet. Also I am trying black majic soil and fertilizer so I’m using seeds from a friend. I want to do a test run first. I looked today and I noticed I only have 2 seeds instead of the 4. I think my cat got thirsty…lmao