Another go at gorilla glue autos

How is everyone doing,
I dropped 2 new gorilla glue seeds I got yesterday, so here’s what I did so far
First I put them in a glass of water for 24 hours
And than I moved them on a damp paper towels and places in a nice dark warm spot,
Never had any problems with photos but I’m having a hell of a time just getting auto seeds to sprout, so here’s the question what the hell am I doing wrong ?

Sounds like your on track to me? What medium are you going into? Are the giving you a tail in the first 48hrs?

I’m using coco and perlite 70/30 mix, They don’t have any tales out yet but I could see the shells are cracked open

I started my autos in a jiffy seed starter. Just put them straight into soil. I also use the paper towel method. Sound like you have it right.

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Good luck

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I’m using 2 plates as a clam shell no plastic bags in a warm dark spot

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No I mean the last time did they have tails before they was put in the medium?

only 3 out of 10 that germinated and yes they had tales before I put them into the coco but that was is it they stopped growing and I made sure i didn’t pack the coco on top of them

If you don’t get action like that, try tossing them into ziplock bag with some air trapped in it.

A little follow up, both seeds have sprouted little tales