Another dumb question by a newbie

Okay guy’s here we go again with round 2 germinated and placed 7 White Widow in solo cups 2 days ago let’s see if I can get this one right without all the mistakes I made with the last one lol, I will say that it was a definite learning experience and with all your help I gained some knowledge on what to do and what not to do this time around and hopefully I’ll remember and not repeat the screw ups.
Only day 2 and most are starting to poke their head up which is a good thing I guess, just worried it might be a little bit too early


No such thing as too early. They’ll be eager to grow if they wanna be!


Okay guys I’m seeking out your wisdom again trying to eliminate any potential problems before they come up. The seedlings are coming along nicely and have decided to change up my soil this time around and use a 50/50 mix of Ocean and Happy Frog with the latter being on top any suggestions on anything else that might need to be added and what would be the best range for the ph of the soil before I transplant or is 7.0 fine. I did invest in a set of nutrients from Fox Farm this time around so would I need to start adding some to my water this early? Sorry for so many questions but their is so much different information out there it gets confusing

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Soil pH is less critical than the pH of what you water it with - not to say your soil pH doesn’t matter, but if it’s 7.0, as you water with 6.5 water and she consumes nutrients, it’ll naturally scoot itself down anyhow.

:grimacing: I have my opinion about fox farms nutes but @Newt uses them very well, so I’m gonna grab him to have eyes on your grow down the road.

in Ocean Forest, you won’t likely need to feed for 4-6 weeks, or shouldn’t unless she’s a wildly hungry plant (it happens).

As for transplants, microbes and mycos are my recommendation - great white or Mykos and some tps billions/fish shit/Tribus in the hole where you’re gonna put the rootball.


When using FFOF, I start feeding after 3 full weeks in the dirt.


Thanks guys, I appreciate the help

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