Another dumb newbie question

I want seeds from some of the plants I am starting but all the seeds are fem. So I’ll break the question out:

  1. To get seed of the strain(s) I want there will have to be a male plant right? So with all fem seed what’s easiest and best to turn a plant hermie or create several clones to see if one will be male or hermie a clone?
  2. Once you have a male plant you would have to grow it in isolation from from the fem plants in order for them produce the maximum usable growth from those plants right? Is it better to co-locate 1 female with the male plant or pollinate by hand? (I read somewhere about using a very small paint brush to collect pollen from the male plant and transfer it to bud(s) on the fem plant.) If you pollinate in this manner what effect if any will there be on the overall growth and other buds of the pollinated plant?
  3. Once you have a plant producing seed is anything special required during the continuing growth, harvest or drying processes to ensure greater viability and reliability of the seeds?

Of course there’ll be a heap of incidental questions throughout the process but these seem to be most of the big hurdles. Yes or no?

Of course you can order seeds that have “regular seeds” available, and then you have about a 50/50 chance of getting males or females.

With feminized seeds, you can make more feminized seeds that same way they were made from the original mother:

The best way is actually not to grow males and females together. Most people actually put the male in a separate area that does not have any stray breezes and place it above a sheet of plastic or something similar, and then let the plant grow as it would and eventually the flowers will completely open and drop their pollen on the sheet of plastic below it. They then carefully collect the pollen grains and place it in a film canister, or something similarly air tight and light proof. Pollen actually stores longer and better than seeds. Then it is used with a q-tip to selectively pollinate only a few small nuggs, as plenty of seeds will be created, often much more than needed on just the one nugg.

And I don’t think there is really anything special that is done a lot differently when drying your nuggs that have seeds in them.

And remember to pollinate the females early on or the plant will finish flowering before the seeds are mature. Unless you can afford to have two or more COMPLETELY isolated grow rooms (with separate cooling systems too) I would suggest to continue growing for buds instead of seeds. Unless it is legal to grow where you live or you pollinate outdoor plants, I would not suggest having the breeding grow rooms at the same residence. You would most likely have too much electrical consumption…

Thanks again for great help and point taken on the regular seeds. But I gave up on odds long ago. I’m one of those with luck such that if it was raining gold coins everyone else would just happen to have a 5 gal. bucket and I would wind up with a shot glass. So I’m going to use a couple of different strains of plants I placed separate from everything else Outdoors today and try to fem a nugg or 2 on both of those. I love to experiment so I want to try both methods and see what happens. I spent a lot of time with a metal detector on the Army bases where I was stationed so I’ve a whole load of silver coins with bullion value only so the collidal silver method won’t be a problem.

Why is it everyone raises hell about 2nd hand tobbaco smoke but I’ve never heard any complaining about 2nd hand weed smoke?

Well since I’m a non smoker of cigs, they really stink to me. They say second hand smoke is worse, but I can’t believe that. I hate going to bars were everyone’s smoking.

Know what you mean. I’m an ex-, smoking cigs for 45 years before I quit. Fortunately I quit drinking about 25 years ago so I don’t go into bars any more anyway. So sensimilla is the only smoke I get in my eyes (or lungs) anymore.

I smoke cigs and I don’t like going into smoke filled venues, be it bars or billiards. I do not smoke in my house or my car and I’m very conscious of my where my smoke drifts to when I am around people. I have quit in the past and I understand how they stink. Even as a smoker, I don’t like my clean clothes smelling like cigarettes. I’d like to quit again some day…

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well thanks bro there should be more smoke smokers like you where at least respect people that don’t smoke because I don’t smoke cigs and really hate the smell encounter and kind of don’t like people who don’t have respect for non smokers so thank you for that and by the way is anybody girl in Hawaii I just bought some speed some seed and sprouted them I have some great growing indoors and then some outside I wanted several for long season going to makecouple of big plants so I was wondering if the gold leaf and Super Skunk for good outdoor plants for Hawaii cuz right now it’s summer time and it’s pretty hot but I got a shaded greenhouse that’s my girls have Sun from in the morning till about 3 o’clock in the afternoonso how are or we able to show our plants

How is it, bro? Wish I were in Hawaii with you, man. Only been there once–on R&R from Nam back in 1970. Man was that a blast! I went on a military hop from Saigon in and they didn’t check you bags or anything so I had 3 oz. of shit that would knock your wanger in your watch pocket…and a week on the beaches.

Yeah everyone posts pics with their posts here. Just click the symbol with the arrow pointing up on the toolbar at the top of this box and that lets you upload. I just started growing this year myself. Need it supplement my other meds. I’ve got an ak-47 and a CR (Critical)+ that I just now pushing into flower that are looking pretty good.

Hope that helps, man . Peace.