Another crazy looking auto


This northern lights auto looks nothing like her other 2 siblings. I have to say it is the strangest looking cannabis plant I’ve ever seen personally.

The other 2 look like the one I grew last grow.

Could I have caused the strange growth by topping it before it showed flowers a week ago?


@skgrower. Looks good to me, maybe a little leggy but besides that…


@skgrower they do look a bit different but they always seem to be able to throw a few curve ball’s at us time will tell now mate hope it turns out ok il keep an eye and see how things go for you.



The answer to your question is : no not at all that could have happened because of your light or lights being to far away and she was stretching to get to it.


Inwas thinking the same thing @garrigan65
Was she the one on the outside edge of light foot print?


@Countryboyjvd1971 I had her directly under the light right next to her sisters. I have 1/2 watt Epistar LEDs in my light so I followed the chart and put the light about a foot away. I figure it’s stretching too, but don’t understand why. The good thing about it is that the plant has 5-6 bud sites per node compared to 3 that the normal plants have. Thanks for clarifying @garrigan65. I couldn’t see how topping had anything to do with it growing that way.


Well let see how she performs
Sometimes the ones we question become beauty queens in the end :hugs: lol


Your welcome



It looks like she stretched a lot on you. Maybe she isn’t getting enough light?


Your plant looks like one I harvested a couple of weeks ago. Mine grew like a Sative and reached 3 feet in height. I cured and weighed her yield last night and got 20 grams of flower, 7 grams of trim. The flowers smell sweet and herbaceous. Your little gal is a keeper, just be patient. Here’s what mine looked like:


she’s got legs and knows how to use them :+1:


Here’s a bit earlier picture that resembles yours


I’m all out of likes @garrigan65 but I agree with you completely on that issue I lived and learned myself lol.