Another Clone SOG and TBD

I will be hanging 3 hlg 260’s and the carbon filter from them. I sure hope they will take the load. I can not imagine they won’t. The TNutz site provides the specs and tinsel strength but it would do me no good to read it.


It depends on which size and alloy they used… But I’ve used versions of it in other applications and have hung more than 300 lb off it.


Good to know. The 1x4 the tracks are attached to 2x floor joists with 3-1/8 #9 construction screws. I used 1" #12 pan head sheet metal screws to attach the tracks brackets to the 1x4. I gave them a pretty good tug and they felt secure.


You will probably be able to hang from them haha

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Let’s see what is going on with two girls in the tent. Again,#2 is the larger of the two. She has put on a lot growth.

She is sprouting new growth tips all over. I am trying to manage the number and many need to be taken out.

I did change to 12/12 cycle on 9/10. Should be seeing some action in a couple of days.

Same deal with #1. Take out excess unwanted growth tips. She had just as many they were just grouped a little tighter.

A snip & a tuck

If you recall these two were struggling a bit with pH and poor mix of nutrients. I was pounding them with too much calmag and I think AN ancient earth. So backed of calmag, stuck to straight recommended ratios of A B and Epson salt. They have been much happier with me.

Now that they are in flower mode I am giving them Jack’s 10-30-20 blossom booster instead of Part A for two weeks. I am also giving them1/2 doses every other feed of AN flower supplements.
She is looking nice and clean even though I did not remove any leaves.

I thought I would sneak these in. I brought down the HLG that was in the upstairs bathroom / grow room.

Another step closer

Till next time


9/16 SOG update. I wanted to document 28th day of 12/12. Four weeks in and - what do think? It is really difficult to get decent photos of them. With lights off the flash and room lighting just doesn’t do them justice. This is what I got - bunch of cotton tails

This one is a couple inches taller than the rest

All-in-all I think they like there home and what they get fed

I have some spring pots to prep and a few new scrog frames to build

I think I didn’t measure this right

To be continued
till next time :sunglasses:


No :heart: like always… lookin good :+1:

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It is funny. But I think I am hooked on SOG method with smaller plants. I can see how each develops more so in the tent. Being able to move the frame around from sitting in a chair is very rewarding. I hope to duplicate to some extent the frames going into the closet.

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To some extent suggests changes will be made… what might those be?

The dimensions will be slightly different and some of the pvc pipe will be a different size. I will have to take out at least one from the closet to access and move the other two. That in and of it self will complicate things. They will also house autopot trays so I will have to disconnect the tray from the supply line to move them. Push connect fittings hopefully will take care of that.


Three of them thinned out a bit, put into there 5-gallon spring pot, gave them a drink of Jacks and tucked them into one end under the 260.



That’s a fine looking SCROG! Nice job on all those colas


Thanks. With that many plants in that small a space you can’t shy away from the scissors.

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9/18 Tent update. Day 8 on 12/12. You know what that means

They will be wall-to-wall

you all have a great weekend. good grief, some of the softwood deciduous trees are starting to turn colors.
till next time


I have completed one of the three frames I will be using in the closet.
The outside of the frame is 23x22 and 29" tall. The upper frame can go up another 14-15"
Can’t wait to fill them up


Honing my skills - laugh
Care to guess what I am going to name the plants going into this frame


Not sure but it almost has to have something to do with being in, or coming out of the closet lol

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I tried but they didn’t come in yellow or green. They are from the formufit scratch and dent seconds for cheap.

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I always look through the scratch n dent awhile back I got a 25 pack of 3’ x 3/8 dowels for like 8 bucks I think they run around 2 bucks a piece. There was prolly 5 of em warped “woopty doo”