Another Clone SOG and TBD

Thanks. I have several coming up for harvest and thinking a meter will help with the drying process. It is too bad I did see the conversation regarding them till today. I just place an Amazon order yesterday.

It was a game changer for me. I had always over dried, with the meter last 2 grows perfect. Hit the bags at 58/62%. 2nd perfect dry/cure.

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Here is a look at some really unspectacular purple haze discards I put in the garden on 9/5. For the most part I ignored them. I watered them from the rain barrel a couple of times. I’m not even sure when they started to flower. It couldn’t have been too long after I planted them. Maybe one or two weeks. Anyway, late summer / early fall sun was not very intense and maybe only five - six weeks of flowering.
The two that didn’t make it into the tent or the closet. Exiled to the garden

In the garden 54 days later. Not a lot taller than the Brussel sprout next to it.

Time to get the last of the peppers too

I will cut them in a couple of days. Give them a good bath, dry and cure them. Then who knows. Maybe kief or extracts.


@Audiofreak do you have a chart or something to convert the reading from the meter to humidity %?

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No chart. Just Grove Bags info , they say 10/12% moisture content relates to a Rh of 58/62% and they are right. I’ve read no other numbers discussed as for our propose that’s all that maters.



I have a question about not touching them for 5days and dealing with the inevitable rise in pH.
I have three of these in my 32x72" closet

The spring pots are filled with coco/perlite 60/40+_ and fed Jack’s. I usually try to limit the amount I mix to enough for two days and then top if off at that time. This is anywhere from 9 to 13L of mix. The water I use is usually a 50/50 mix of 7.5ph well H2O and dehumidified water.
Last week I changed it a bit and increased the volume to 16L. Intake has slowed and there was a decent amount in the reservoir. I took a pH reading and it had climbed to 6.7. I adjusted the pH of the res back to 5.8 and added 12L of fresh 5.8 mix. Two days later I retested the reservoir pH. It was back up to 6.7

I have returned to mixing smaller amounts in order to replenish the reservoir more often. I also reset the contents of the reservoir.
Are there other options? I have the feeling it is what it is.
Also should I be concerned with the bottom leaves yellowing. I assume it is age related. They are 164 day old clones. Or am I unintentionally under feeding them. PPM will range between 900 - 1200. The top growth looks good with very minor tip burn

@Nicky @Not2SureYet @PharmerBob



Yeah; I PH to 5.8 or so and let it rise through the life of the rez. I believe the medium will tend to buffer the solution down and as plant ages it tends to acidify the medium anyway.

That said; if I see it above 6.5 or so I would normally PH it down.


Thanks explanation makes sense.


I do the same as @Myfriendis410 ph at 5.8 and am at about 6 once I reach the bottom of the rez.
I use about 1 gallon pre plant too for those in flower. I have 2 reservoirs mixed all the time. I can switch to the full one once the other gets low. They can last for weeks with no issues. My break is over. Back to trimming :roll_eyes:


When I checked the closet today I noticed the tray on the furthest plant was empty and the other two were almost empty. There was enough in the reservoir so now what.
Started at the res. and removed the main line. Barely a drop coming out of the shutoff with it turned on. Pulled the little filter inside the res. Strange - clogged with blue crystals. Odd not what I was expecting but the suspect was coming into focus. I moved all of the frames from the closet. Removed all of the valves and ran clear water through them. Clean as clean can be. But this is what I found on the bottom of the tray. More blue crystals.

This is from the third one - Black. That should not be there

Unless Jack’s otherwise white components turn blue, the only other thing it can be is Jack’s Blossom Booster I used. The last day I used it was 10/16. I am surprised and disappointed it did not stay dissolved. I have a waverunner in the reservoir which runs 30 minutes every couple of hours.
Now I know. I was thinking I should pull the valves and clean them anyway.
@Not2SureYet thanks. Did you say you had to back to work?
As long as I had them out of the closet, a quick once over to clean out the yellow lower leaves


I am trimming the Durban Thai right now. I would guess it was the booster. Bud candy does similar to me. Re charge also clogs my lines. jacks it self doesn’t. I can use the an big bud and stuff with no issues. Altho I have found for me. None of that is needed here. just Jacks and slica. All the other stuff get used with the GH nutes now since I top feed with them. If you have any thing like florakleen. That may help to clean them. I keep 100’ of new line here. So I just replaced my lines and blew through the aqua valve to make sure it was clear. It also clogged up a few of the Ts I used for the lines. My pc is behind where I am trimming so I can just turn around and see this :grin:

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No explanation for the color but is it possible that the Part A got added to the Part B before before it was fully diluted???

I always add the part A before the B. I go silica, epsom, A then B Never an issue.
An idea thought might be to take a gallon milk jug and mix up a batch like you have been using . And let it sit for a few days or longer and see what happens? :slightly_smiling_face:


I do add silica every feed during flower. It is liquid silica boost. I also add Bud Candy. I am surprised that you think it may clog your autopot. I don’t use big bud in the autopot. I am pretty sure I have read it clogs things up. I thought about flora kleen but decided not because I use sensisym and voodoo juice and don’t want flora kleen to kill them.


For me. I know bud candy clogs my lines. No issues with the Big bud coco, Bud ignitor or Over drive.
After a fed days I will even have floaters in the water from the bud candy gooping up. That is with the jacks. It sucked for me since I just bought a gallon. I was able to sell it to my friend since he top feeds.
I forget who had a good way to clean lines. Maybe @Nicky some thing like soaking them in vinegar if I remember right. But that would not help in the middle of a grow where you need to feed every day.
Even with the goop. You girls look great :+1:
I just thought of this. Are you using the new 3/8 lines? I have the old 1/4"

It is the 3/8 main feed. I may have to reconsider using bud candy. Thanks again


I would think the bud candy would go through ok with those lines. So if you are not having it glob together like I do. It may be ok for you. :grin:

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I choose to use the humic acids to resolve this issue of rising ph.

Humic acids will act as a chelator for your plant to still take in the proper nutrients if your ph rises . It helps reduce the level of salts built up in your medium, as well as a microbial booster and root stimulator.

I use humic and fulvic acids in mine, the autopot system hates the buildup but the plants thrive!

If possible make your main feed line 1/2” and then reduce to 3/8 right before tray.

Most I’ve had happen with this is the valve inside the tray needs cleaned once a month. They say you can use organic in new system, this is untrue @Nicky as some of us have had issues…

I allow the wave runner to continue churning 24/7, it seems to help a little

The irony is I use to use it in soil and when top feeding in coco. I have not run it through autopots at all figuring it would really foul things up. I do like the benefit of adding humic & fulvic acids.
I use advanced nutrients Ancient Earth.
May I ask what you use?
When and how frequently do you use it?
I guess the price of using it is a little more maintenance. Thanks