Another Beginner Soil Question

I went out and bought my potting soil, sphagnum peat moss and perlite. I mixed everything up to what I thought was a good looking soil, and then I read that it’s not recommended to use MiracleGro… Got the horse ahead of the wagon… The second go around round, after checking

several places, the best thing I could come up with was Kellogg potting soil. I read that it does have 00.30% nitrogen in it, but it doesn’t say it’s time released. So I put this soil in a large strainer basket and gave it a good flush with the water hose. I mixed this soil 4 CU. FT with around 2 CU. FT. sphagnum peat moss and around 1CU. FT. perlite. So my question is Will This Work? If so should I ad anything else to this?

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Well I kinda messed that up. Sorry I don’t know how I got the pics in the middle of my post.

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Welcome to the community. That’s no issue having the pictures in the middle. Lol

I’m a beginner to so I can’t answer your questions but someone will be along who can.

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It will work….and you’ll need nutrients once veg stage starts….since you’ve flushed it I would put seedlings into this soil in their final containers or a hole dug in the ground with this soil :man_shrugging:t2: Work with what ya got but be careful not to over water…take the leap and start the process of growing :sunglasses::facepunch:t2: You can always come back and tag someone like this @Deez @Arrow who knows ALOT about soil


Good idea to use it for seedlings @grizZz

If you intend on using this mix to grow to finish you want to use a salt based fert like Fox Farms or Jacks.

If you want to use this mix with organic amendments you are gonna need to
Mix your blend and let it sit and Cook for 3 months. You can’t just dump organic amendments in and have it work. They need time to break down and create a good habitat for your plants.

If you wanna grow Organics and don’t want to mix your own and wait just to buy some premixed organic soil like Fox Farm or Coast of Maine.

One things for sure. You gotta add something to this mix if you wanna grow buds with it.


Can I use this mix from start to finish if I use the Fox farm fert.

Yes. You can go start to finish with nothing more than the trio. You can do better too but it’s a good easy start.


As Deez pointed out…this will do for seedlings …you built a medium that will need salt based feeding …unless you can get your hands on liquefied blood, bone and carcass meal …

Shout out if you need help…if I can’t help, I’ll tag people that can …:sunglasses::v:


I don’t like peat moss. It doesn’t absorb water readily.

I like Fox Farm. Specifically their Happy Frog line of products. I don’t purchase their soil mix (I mix my own), but I use their dry amendments.