Another 1st time grower!

1st time grower cultivating for my husband. I don’t have a green thumb whatsoever so this journal is a good idea for me.

I’m growing 3 Northern Lights Autos from Seedsman. Planted on June 9th. They are planted in rinsed and buffered 70/30 coco coir perlite mix. Vivosun 3x3 tent with a MarsHydro 1000. I have been misting them daily with ph balanced water only. Average RH: 52%-60% Average temp: 72-75.


Looks like a great start!


Your off to the races! No transplant needed, excellent! Along for the ride.

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Along for the ride :v:

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you can place a clear solo cup over top of them to keep humidity higher at this young stage just mist inside of cup. You’ve found a great place to learn. Lots of people here with tons of experience willing to help. Happy Growing!


Just trying to stay on top of any possible issues. I’m worried that they still look so small. I hope they aren’t stunted. I planted the tap roots on 6/9 and by 6/10 2 of 3 were above the soil. I’m wondering if they should be bigger by now. I had a humidifier running in the tent on the lowest setting but I felt like the humidity was too high @ 80+. I didn’t want to run into problems with mildew. I also have been running my MarsHydro 1000 lights at 100% and 36” away. I did dim the lights to about 40% per manufacturer and drop them to about 20” just to see. I also kicked the humidifier back on.


You def wanna keep that humidifier running if your topping 80 on the humidity.

My humidifier increases the heat in my grow tent another thing to keep :eyes: on.

If your afraid your not seeing any new growth take a day off from misting and asses. Sometimes you can overwater even misting.

Stoked to tune in :call_me_hand:t4:


cabrón :man_facepalming: I meant dehumidifier too much smoke lol. I’ve had seedlings die and/or rot and not even take off at 80. I prefer between 65-70. Especially with autos they seem more sensitive.

To each is own! Enjoy :call_me_hand:t4:

@Pakalobo the humidity has been running about 53% without the humidifier. I’ll try less misting and hopefully I will see some changes. Should they be bigger by now?


I’m having trouble getting the humidity even to 60 without the humidifier. But with the humidifier on at the lowest setting it jumps the humidity way up. I have tried misting the walls of the tent. Not having much luck.

It helps to be exhausting the old air out every couple of minutes via exhaust fan. Do you have humidity controller? No matter how low you set it without proper venting and a humidity controller its hard to balance them out.


Honestly I wouldn’t worry to much about the humidity as long as it’s not below 40 or above 80 you shouldn’t really have a hard time.

Should they be bigger?? It’s really hard to say so many genotypes. The important thing right now is looking for signs of new growth or anything letting you know the direction your seedlings are headed.

If you over missed looking to fill that humidity void it could have caused a root rot still hard to tell at this point.

Hurry up and wait right lol

For the 100’s of things you do right all it takes is 1 thing to drop the house down.

Never quit :call_me_hand:t4:


Try misting a clear cup or plastic place over the seedling. A personalized humidity chamber not the whole room.


Domes are great. But at this point would doming it shock the seedling being that it’s already “hardened off”?

Usually if your going to dome you dome from the start.

Not sure if these are Autoflower or not but some autos are more susceptible to dying under domes.

Just from my own experience and research.

I could be completely wrong?!


@ValiumZ I will look into a humidity controller, thanks for the suggestion. @Pakalobo I think for now I’m just to back off misting them and see if it’s possibly over watering since my RH and temps are still in range. Then if not much change I can try the cups. I did dim my light some to see if that will also help. I just don’t want to make them worse. I really hope they take off soon. Thanks everyone for the help!


Absolutely that’s what we’re all here for. I can only go off the 1,001 mistakes I’ve made In the past and I sure wish I knew about this site then lol.

As far as domes go everyone has their own opinion. I think they are great in certain situations like clones. No domes in the wild and I find domes, especially with autos, have a higher tendency to cause damp off.

With autos all you really need for them to go from seed to sprout is a water dropper. Until I ordered from I l❤️GM I never soaked auto seeds I just potted them (no issue). 2-3 drops of water on around the sprout site everyday to every other day. I let the sprout tell me. It’s way easier to over love your plants especially when your wanting immediate results.

Ex: 2-3 drops on my new sprout today during the morning. Done. Day 2 morning Look at it (should still be good) depending on soil used. Look at night before bed see if it does or doesn’t need water. Then the next morning on day 3 of day 2 didn’t get water day 3 def a few drops. If it droop a little needs water unless it’s over watered.

I know everyone has a way that works. That works for me.

And unfortunately you can cause damp off even just by misting.

When I first got going I did one seed at a time a week apart to so I wouldn’t kill a whole crop with the same mistake. It’s like an assembly line once you got it going it keeps rolling.

Now I’m doing Some fun experiments with bday gifts lol (a pot for pot)

Remember why your growing don’t get frustrated you’ll get there :call_me_hand:t4:

Hope it helps??


My only fear, please anyone chime in if you know, that any sort of doming after your seedling has already hardened off will kill it.

The seedling won’t be used to the intensity of light being magnified by the dome and that environment due to its already used to the “outside” environment.

You don’t dome fruits or vegetables after they sprout ?

You dome a dandelion (national weed of the world lol) after it sprouts you’ll kill it and I can’t even get roundup to kill them lol.

I’m here to further my education if anyone has any ideas. We’re all here trying to help out



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I will ask a couple questions before I add any thing.

For your humidity. is it always at 53% or does it raise when the lights are off
What light schedule are you using
What size pot are you in

I run some where near the 50% range with lights on. And around 60% with the lights off.
You can still dome these if you feel the need. I use a larger plastic container some bagels came in. I can’t do pictures here. but will search my journals to see if I can show what I mean. I use solo cups on solo cups. And the larger dome when in final pots if I feel the need for one. Normally. I only use a dome for one or 2 days. Then it is off.
I see your light is actually 150w I would have it set about 24" off the plant for now.
Odds are. You will see very little growth for a week or 2. In a final pot. it takes longer for the roots to spread out before it starts growing on top.
I am only speaking from my grows. But you will want to start training these as soon as they are big enough if you are trying to do 3 in a 3x3. For me. That would be big enough for one plant. I use scrogs though. 2 would be tight. If you were is soil. You wouldn’t have to worry as much as autos love coco and grow accordingly.
You are off to a good start it looks like.

I will tag you into my grow so I can remember to tag you for a video I will be making for another to water when these are small if you like. That will help me remember who to tag.
You should be watering it a little y now. I would at least give it 30ml in a circle about 4" from the plant. I start watering at about day 4 or 5.

I will make you feel a little better here. Since you are in coco. You get a big cushion compared to if you were in soil. Every auto I have grow stay in veg about 3 weeks longer than I see soil growers get. So even if they start slow. You can still get a nice plant out of them. I will be following along too.
Thanks for the tag

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