Your seed shop has become really unbearable with this pop up that constantly wants me to become a VIP and get deals etc…

I ALREADY get all your newsletters and sales. And if I manage to delete it the thing pops up on a new page.

I am really sick of you shoving this down my throat. Until you get rid of this crap I will go to other sites.

I hope you understand. You’re the only site that does this.
Snap out of it.


@latewood who should he contact with his question?


Are you serious?
:joy: I’m not going to contact anyone. Maybe you should, being a mod?
(Please don’t take it personally)
I think it’s up to ILGM not to spam their own site, I have enough with the pop up on bottom left (when ever a sale is made) informing me that John Doe from Centerville just bought 10 seeds of some strain. Laadeedaa…do you think it gives ILGM any credit?


I’m a volunteer mod. I have nothing to do with how the seed bank site is ran. It’s a pop up… they are all over the Internet. It’s annoying but not that big of a deal IMO. If you’re not willing to contact support, then I’m not wasting any more time on this post either :v:

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Matty bear is a grow mentor. This is a customer service issue and the mod staff does not do anything more than pass it along.

I seriously doubt we are going to remodel the site marketing for you but I will tag @ILGM.Support.Roy who is a leader in our Support team

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