Anne Bonny's 2018 ILGM summer grow

I saw that @raustin. It looked easy to install.


I am thinking Scrog (one of the few ways I have not tried) for the Afghan fem I want to start in july/Aug. Still got a couple weeks to mull it over. Want to stay tuned here to see your procedure.

Making a net is something I learned to do in Boy Scouts in the late 60’s early 70’s. Who would have thought that 55 years later I would be practicing knots to make a net for a Scrog. Just proves a point that things you learn in scouting help you throughout your lifetime. LOL


Signed up and eagerly watching your grow @AnneBonny Best of luck all around with your busy life and your grow !!


6/16/18 Update

The autos have poked their pretty faces through the soil. The blueberry was holding on to the seed shell but I was able to gently pull it off.



I had just spritzed them literally seconds before taking the picture so that is why it looks wet. No sign of the Critical Mass but I’m not surprised since these two had tap roots and the CM did not.


Congrats, babies, yeah!

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Critical Mass poked through today.

Honest there is a little green spec there.


Yay!!! I Love a new sprout!! @AnneBonny progress progress


Congratulations! She’s beautiful :heart_eyes:


I see her, congrats on the new baby.


Sorry for the delay in updates…sometimes life happens. Not that a whole lot has happened in the past 8 days. All three girls have entered the ugly duckling phase.

Critical Mass stem is super thin and fine. Today I left the plastic cup off that I use for humidity and she did not like it. She was all limp and folded over on herself. Thankfully she perked right back up one the cup was back on.

Amnesia Haze has some funky leaves and the first set are already browning and shriveling.

Blueberry is just doing her thing.

And for your listening pleasure since I’m on vacation this week.


Happy 4th of July friends. Just a quick update as it was a busy, busy day. I am still spraying the seedlings twice a day and the two autos are doing great and getting new growth. The Critical Mass on the other hand I don’t think is going to make it. This would be my first one that I lose as a seedling. It doesn’t seem to be growing and I wasn’t really worried about it since I know she is concentrating on roots but now she looks sickly and her leaves are getting brown. I have her under a cup to increase humidity and I thought it might be too much since some of the pearlite is greenish but when I leave it off she folds over on herself so I don’t know what else to do.

Amnesia Haze and growing just fine…

As is Blueberry

Happy Birthday America!


Dont give up on her yet.

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Hey @AnneBonny I have a bubba kush Auto that started out just how your sickly plant is growing and today this is what she looks like

So please don’t give up on her as mine is starting to get the idea that she must grow weed and good weed at that. Just give her PHed water till she comes around and you’ll be happy you did


Update 7/16/18 Week 4 day 2

It’s been twelve days since my last update and the critical mass got a burial at sea.

Jeez, I just had a flash back to confession…it’s been 12 days since my last confession…since then I murdered my critical mass plant. It seemed to struggle from the start so I’m chalking it up to Mother Nature culling the herd. The two auto weren’t doing well either and I couldn’t understand why. Then I realized whenever I watered (when they got big enough) it seems like the root was being floated up somehow. My soil seemed to not be absorbing the water (if the makes any sense) and was like dust and floated in the water around the stem. Maybe too much perlite? Anyway, the last time I watered I decided it was time to take action and the action would either save them or kill them. I gently uprooted them dug a larger hole and buried them deeper. I also now have a small fan in the tent that is making them sway gently so they get stronger. That was yesterday and they seem to be doing better although the AHA is very sad looking, the blueberry looks Ok (not great just ok). Time will tell if I stressed them out too much.

When I harvested my other plants on 6/7 the gold leaf had a lot of seeds from stress so I decided to see if they are viable and set one to soak. It had a tail today so I put it in a rock wool cube and we will see how it does. I have never put seeds into rock wool but I saw @latewood post about it and he has huge success. Since I had trouble with the last plant I wanted to give this one a running start so am following our fearless leader’s advice.

While I was at it I dropped another critical mass too as I really want to try that strain. That one is still soaking.


Sorry auto photos:

This is how I want these new seeds to grow…S I M P L E


A bit late but I’m here and watching. These 2 strains are on my list for next purchase. I’ve got plenty of photo seeds but want to give autos a try, especially since I’ve added a 2nd grow space


Take a small piece off the corner and gently insert this into the hole in
the middle. Gently because if it is crammed in too tight the seedling
will have an issue popping though. the reason for the little corner piece
to be inserted into the hole is to make the root stronger by making it
push it’s way out past the little piece you placed in the hole. Otherwise
the seedling might climb out and fall over searching for more light.


Thanks for the tip @latewood. I will do that.

Mini update:

Critical Mass got put into a rock wool cube tonight after work too. I was shocked because I looked this morning about 8 am before I left and there was no sign, by 5 pm a full tail was showing.

Now there are 4 - woo hoo! Let’s see if I can keep them stress free.


That’s the spirit @AnneBonny, you’ll pull them through!!!


Alright C Mass has shown up! Lets get this grow agrowing!


Saturday, 7/21/18 Update

The autos are on day one of week five. I am happy to report that my “adjustment” last week was a success. They both are getting new leaves and seem to be rooted better. They both got fed today with Sensi grow A&B and cal mag.


AHA is still tiny but definitely looks better:

Critical Mass popped through yesterday:

My Gold Leaf seed that I “grew” popped today (sort of). It’s slowly uncurling.

All the tent mates together.