Animal Manure -- Alpaca Manure

Hellp , I hope someone can answer a question - I live in a farming , little town, With alot of farm - we get a lot of access to manure. I have been growing for two years with composted Chicken mature but I’ve been seeing in at alot of the farm Alpaca manure. They are free , just take as many bags as you need. Does anyone have any knowledge about Alpaca Manure?
Thank you gor your knowledge and support :sunglasses:

I can’t see a problem with trying it if it is broken down first.

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Thank you for your quick response @anon78295680 , yes I would definitely compost it gor next season grow. Was wondering if one was a better fertizer than the other
Than You Again

Would be interesting to find out, could you grow one plant with the alpaca manure and one with chicken manure? And let us know…

I’ve have used horse manure in my compost before and that was good.

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Pig shit really brings out the terpins. It’s like rediscovering a strain again and it changes it the profile to. I lost a 20 dollar bet because of it. Just something to consider


I’m not sure on this, but for some reason this comes to mind, the soil would be hot, you would probably wanna compost it for a bit. @garrigan62 will know


If you plan on using any type of animal manure , you’ll need to mix it up really good in a compost and let it set for at least one year. Other wise you’ll burn your plants. My dad would spread chicken manure on his field after each harvest and let it set all winter long, The snow and rain would wash all the or most of it into the ground. But come spring he would Harold it and then plow or turn the soil and then Harold it and then plant his corn or what ever. He would also spread it on his lawn and then rake it in the spring and that man had the greenest lawn in town and believe me I know cause I had to mow it…


Thanks for the Reply @ThcinKC , I do access to pig manure , I’m trying to utilize the resources I have available at my hands and it’s free. Never to early to start preparing for next season, LOL Pig Shit - How can tell what’s mud and what isn’t ? I love this forum , I so appreciate your experience and knowledge. Is there a chart or article on animal manure for fertilizer , best - to - last ? I’ going through the quides , I do that know that some animal manure is hot even after compost , so I’d like to educate myself as much as possible ,
Thank you for reply and your knowledge


Lol , I have to finish my lawn today , it stopped working in the back field, we have a guy who comes and does odd things around , example - he get’s the blades sharpened on the mower, he winterizes the house and My father-in-laws cars & cut’s and stacks wood. Odd jobs that my husband can’t get to or don’t want to!!! He’s an union mason, the money is excellent but a huge price to pay for what it does to your body.
I do know that the animal manure needs to be composted . I have access to many different animal manure, I live in a very farming little town in MA , Can get mature , as much as I want , from any farm. Was also wondering if there is one better than the other.

Thank You for your reply, I’m so happy I ordered from ILGM and have found this awesome support for forum full of Great people who are so willing to spread their knowledge and experiences


Rabbit poop supposed to be the holy grail of manure, those are my next pets, already have chickens, next is my bunnies. @MBgrower


Good In the pot aswell @Mrcrabs

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Oh yesss, they are a great on the grill, except I wouldn’t have the heart to slaughter them, I can shoot an animal In the wild much easier than on I raised. it’s funny though I can eat your chicken or rabbit but not mine

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@Mrcrabs Hmmmm…Rabbit poop, I never would have thought that would one of the best fertilizers. I would assume that it needs to be compost , so I should see if I can get my hands on some , maybe at the pet store cause I don’t know anyone that has rabbits. If I can’t find some I’ll stay with composted chicken poop; Thank you so much for your post everyone is so nice on this forum. They genuinely want you to succeed.


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I’m in similar situation, I’m in a small town with a lot of farms or ranches. I actually have access to fresh alpaca beans pretty much any day I need them. 1 thing I do is take a gallon of water in a glass jar (a jar to make sun tea) obviously I only use it for this process not to make actual drinking tea haha. Than I take 1 cup of fresh alpaca poop and throw it in that gallon jar and let it sit in the sun all day. Sometimes I’ll even do 2 days, after that I strain it into a bucket, whatever is left in the strainer goes in the compost. The poop juice in the bucket goes to water the plants, anything I have left over gets dumped in the compost too. My plants like it. I actually just put mine to soak up the sun and stumbled across this thread haha


I know this is an old article, but I came across it and all the responses you received regarding Alpaca manure are pretty incorrect.

Alpaca and Rabbit manure are both considered to be the absolute best for growing Cannabis. They are in fact not hot and come out of the Alpacas and Rabbits ready to use as a topdress or in a tea. You do NOT need to ferment Alpaca manure as their gastrointestinal system is essentially a fermentation chamber that breaks down the material into its useful vitamin and mineral components on its own.

I repeat, you do NOT have to ferment both Alpaca and rabbit manure. For this reason, they are both regarded as the best. They are also pretty much perfect in nitrogen and potassium levels without being too hot. I live on a closed loop farm in Michigan that grows cannabis for hash professionally and we keep alpacas simply for their manure and the benefits it provides. Happy growing!


Welcome to the community. Hash is one of my favorites. I like the flower but Hash is awesome and i like it for a change back and forth from flower to Hash. I got some from my local dispensary and it was garbage! How can i make old school hash like red Lebanese or black hash/blond hash?

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