And we’re off, round #3

Round 3 under way. 1st grow got buds and they did what they were supposed, but learned what to do and not to. 2nd grow came out way better. Both of these grows were autos. For this grow I am trying (2) photos (BK and G13) along with an auto seed that I found in a bud from my AH Triploid that was part of my 2nd grow. :crossed_fingers:t3:


You got this! :clap::clap::clap:


Took off the domes on the (2) Photos (BK, G13) and both have some leaves starting to get crisp. I misted the domes and put them back on. Will the leaves recover?

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See above and let me know if she’s doomed.


The crispy leafs are from the water droplets they act as a magnifying glas and your light is like the sun id recommend whipping the leafs off they will not recover but they are still alive so they should be ok just probably stunted also id recommend removing the dome once your seedlings are above ground they dont need a dome anymore also hope you dont mind me pulling up a chair and following along


Thanks, I’ll remove the domes again. I also think I need to turn the exhaust on as the temps are getting in the upper 80’s.

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Yes you always want fresh circulating and seedlings and young plants like warmer temps 85 is the highest id go tho imo 75 is a sweet spot

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Domes are off, Fan is on and so is exhaust


Hopefully they will rebound from the high heat stress they suffered earlier today

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Time will tell as of rite now they look to be going hard still haha these are very hardy plants and can honestly take a ton of abuse lmao they can go from borderline dealth to healthy green and beautiful girls within days so i dont put anything past them haha


I hope so. I’m excited to grow these photos after doing autos my 1st 2 grows and the last grow came out great.

Currently it’s 72 degrees with 55% RH. I also switched the lights to 18/6 after going 24/0 since they sprouted on 7/1.


Like @LiesGrows said you should be ok.


I would not give up on her yet. Throwing down some roots in a big pot give her a couple of weeks if no new Foliage I’d drop another seed. Good luck my friend ! :v:


Thanks. They look the same or better this morning. I’m thinking they will pull through.

The (2) autos I have going as well look fine other than they are tiny


G13 photo, her head popped up in 7/1

BK photo, she popped up on 7/3.

Both are growing in FFOF and suffered from high heat or too many nutes that scorched their 1st set of leaves.

Current temps and humidity over the last few days

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I didn’t bother to take a pictures of the autos. One popped up on 7/1 and is less than 1” tall. She’s definitely got something wrong with her and the other is just shedding her helmet.

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They are doing good :+1: i see nice fresh bright green coming in they will grow out of there funk soon

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Good to hear. Thanks

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17 days above ground. G13 photo

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15 days above ground. BK photo

Both suffered nute burn due to FFOF

I’m misting the soil around them and giving them 1 spray at the base of their trunks.


Node spacing?

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