And then everything went... HORRIBLY WRONG!


It was like walking in to a set on CSI - there was carnage everywhere. I got home from work and went to my back deck to check on my 2 week old ladies. It was a nice sunny day and I had them set up for good sun exposure and protection from prying eyes and the wind… or so I thought.

Dirt was strewn across the deck. Limp bodies were everywhere. Roots exposed to the heat of the day for goodness knows how long. Twisted leaves… No… NO…NO! NO!! NO!!!

I knelt among the wreckage of my first grow, trying to wrap my head around what had just happened, and then I saw them, fluttering amidst the soil. Feathers. Crow feathers.

My grow had been demolished by a @#$! CROW!

I just knelt there for a minute, taking a few deep breaths and trying to remind myself that anything worth doing requires persistence and time, and that even well laid out plans will sometimes get torpedoed by the most bizarre and random occurrences.

And then I saw it, out of the corner of my eye… there was ONE LONE SURVIVOR. Root ball upended. Sorta lopsided. But alive. And where there is life?

There is hope…


Man…that sucks, I’m sorry to hear about your loss just keep positive and don’t let it get you down, if you have a survivor that’s ok better than no survivors, but at least you learned not to trust a crow lol, just keep caring for the survivor and she’ll likely pull through.

Best of luck my friend, if it makes you feel any better I had 2 Eatin by deer this year already


@Majiktoker - Eaten by a deer? I feel your pain my friend.:scream:

But you’re right. I’ve still got one, and this grow for me was never about maximizing yield, it was about learning to do something new and taking some satisfaction from the process.

I’ve definitely learned not to trust the @#$! crows in my yard, that’s for sure.:laughing:


Lol, and my outdoor guys are in an area notorious for bears, mountain lions, deer, elk, javelinas, coyotes, and much more lol, sucks having to worry about outdoor invaders.

It’s a great process when you go through and learn every thing even after mistakes


Alfred Hitchcock try to warn us!


This is a serious concern for corn growers in my area. Sorry for your loss. Next time you have seedlings, run some strings over them, above and beside. The redneck version is to shoot one of the crows, and hang the carcass near the plants. I think that is an old wives tell.


It’s no tall tale,The folks here in the Carolina’s shoot a crow and hang it in your pecan tree to keep the crows away, and it works! Mike


we don’t have crows in Alaska but we have ravens . crow on steroids, and if fish and feather see it hanging in your yard THEY Hang you up next to it lolol just saying .,a good wood stove helps with this …hehe .new shop and the Basturds were stealing the foam seal out from under my ridge cap . :sunglasses:


The summer before last I had 2 4 foot plants eaten by rabbits. I can’t grow outside anymore. Too many critters that love MJ plants


in Alaska we Like Critters two , they taste good and probably taste better after naturally infused with cannabis lol lol Hammer PS RAVENS TASTE BAD hahah


@scubadfg believe me, the thought of shooting one had crossed my mind.:imp:


Ha! Cannabis infused critter… I may actually try cooking that.