And the wait continues... or maybe not?

Milo/sorghum is used in scratch and to make syrup sometimes the stalks are used to make sugar so I was 1/2 right

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Yea that’s how it’s spelt lol

If you get one of those pup up greenhouses don’t close it up or humidity will go through the roof. Use it to protect your plants from rain and wind. You can put a fan in there for airflow

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Looks like preflower… my girls that were started inside in January… now outside since may… just started to flower…in New England area…


Some sweet trees got there sir. I’m definitely getting impatient but it is what it is. My girl seems to have recovered from her last lst and super cropping ten days ago. And starting to slowly fill in. Times ticking here and got me kinda worried. What’s your girls looking like in five days of budding? Just curious in grow rate. Here’s my girl in seven days.

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