And the wait continues... or maybe not?

The wait is killing me. As the biological timer keeps ticking. The struggle is real. Haha. Could use a professional eye. Did I start flower yet? There’s some sugar starting to develop on surrounding leaves. But I having trouble between just pistols or preflower recognition. Also if someone could share what preflower looks like because for some reason I’m having trouble finding either that or I’m just not looking hard enough. Hahaha.

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Not that I can see.
Last pic appears to be a pistol but can’t tell for sure.


Pic 3
Straight above your thumbnail…there’s a branch with a purple spot …
Directly to the left of that spot looks like a calyx To me …

Like this

Only smaller …get in there with a loupe and see there should be a pistol coming out …

If so I’d say your plant is starting to flower …
Not full on …so I guess that is pre flowering


Looks like pre-flowers are starting to finally pop.


I hope so. She’s been going since May 1. Thanks for the quick feedback.

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You are not quite in preflower. preflower is when the plant starts putting out pistols on the nodes and flower is when its putting out pistols on the buds, “looks like buttons” on the ends and tops of branches

This plant is in flower
This plant is in preflower


Very interested in that set up with plastic you got there. How far did you run it down along the plants? I have a feeling I’m going to need some sort of coverage at the end of this grow. Considering how much rain we usually get here in late September and early October. @plumbdand

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Your plant is telling you it’s a female. Give it a week or two (the most common time increments you’ll see here for observations lol) and she’ll start showing out!! Good luck!


It’s a 5x10ft dog run I took pvc and made a pitched roof then threw a 6ml plastic tarp from home depot paint dept. over it and held it down with bricks and rocks. I used wire to keep it from flapping too much. The rear corners are not covered and there’s openings at the top on both ends for air flow. Oh yeah the dog run is upside down so I could put the pvc into the posts

What plant is this

It’s not corn looks like sugarcane

Interesting.Not in a bad way either. Looks like it worked. I’ve been looking at some of them pop up green houses. The price seems pretty right and easy to assemble. Would just need to figure out a way to get some air flow in there. To prevent mold and what not. And hey I should be able to go keep the tomato plants and herbs going maybe an extra three four weeks or so.

@plumbdand wouldnt know what sugar cane looked like if it was hitting me in the face. That’s a lot south for me.

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That’s totally corn not sugar cane unless you know that it’s sugar cane…is this a trick question :rofl:

Upon looking again it might actually be sugar cane but reeeaaaallly stretched out…?? :rofl:


It’s definitely not corn trust me I have 3 different kinds of corn growing and it looks nothing like corn

I’m sorry I’m not trying to hijack this thread I had meant to post that picture on my thread.

No worries It definitely looks like corn though. Lol

I’ll take a picture of corn and you will see the difference
Sugar cane looks like corn from a distance

This plant is way sturdier, lighter green and perfectly symmetrical, corn not so much
The leaves are serrated like a saw blade and will cut you if you are not careful

Milo? Maybe also called shogram or something like that?

I looked up Milo that’s exactly what it looks like I think the seeds were in the chicken scratch there’s 4 others growing next to the chicken coop. The one in the picture is starting to flower