And the hits keep coming! Light failure

For whatever reason my lights ONLY gfci tripped after lights out and I’m guessing at lights on this morning. I run 11 am to 11 pm lights on here and I got home from a day of salmon fishing to find it. This means they were in the dark for 18 hours… I’m not sure what the long term effect will be but these are a 50 day flower at day 29 of bloom. The short term effect was they doubled in girth over night. Hoping there won’t be some crazy long term reaction.


If they’re in bloom and the lights stayed off too long, you will be OK.

Now, if that ever happens with your lights NOT going off during your bloom dark period, you could confuse your plants.


I think what happened was a surge when they came on. I put a 15 amp gfci on a 20 amp service and I just cranked the lights full blast day before yesterday. I wish I had those qb’s that ease their way up like sunrise. I can’t believe how much they grew in one day.

Most of the time little hiccups don’t mess things up but as you know it can always go the other way. Sounds like you got lucky and are gonna come out of this smelling like a, like a fat bud! :+1:

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By my calendar I’ve got 20-25 days left. The girls have only had two hiccups and they are as lush and green as could be. Maybe I should’ve trimmed more of the less than desirable flower sites off to make them focus on the main sites but I’m not very sure I would’ve gotten “that” much more out of them had I done so. I’m going to introduce them to an 1/8 tsp per 5 gallon beastie blooms 0-50-30 in the next couple days then I think I’ll hit them with the recommended dosage in 7-10 days. Also in the spirit of trying new things I’m going to know 10 minutes of light off a day the last week before I give them a few days of darkness.

Gfci shouldn’t trip from inrush current. If it did you may have something else going on or a flaky gfci.

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Thanks for chiming in! The timer and the 550v2 are the only things plugged into that outlet. The timer is old and does have a little manual lag. Easy enough to just swap it out. Odd that the 3 times this year it’s happened is when I crank the lights to 100%.

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First thing is to replace the GFCI receptacle, they do sometimes fail over time.

Inexpensive GFCE receptacles are particularly prone to this sort of failure.


Sometimes it’s a problem with the gf breaker in the panel box. That’s if you have one.


Some encouraging pics for you brother