And now it’s fun 😊

@Carol4486 i have 3, 288 samsung r-spec quantum board lights available if you are interested?

I can’t really see the trich colors, but bud structure and pistils look ready.

I vote go for it, for sure, maybe…


My final vote: chop.

Ok, I lied. I see the trichs. Still voting chop suey.

What coverage area is that? What’s the damages $$?

They will cover a 5x5

Hahaha did you get the message ?

Nope just this @Ncgreenthumber

Getting final flush :sunglasses::blush::sunglasses:

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NOW you got something to smile about in the evening.

Congrats…first couple of grows are a learning experience.
You have done well…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@tanlover442 thank you so much I’ve learned a ton this first grow. I still have two going one is going to take forever. I’ve started a perpetual grow that I’m going to journal but not starting till last set of seeds go in dirt later this month. 3 seeds a month for three months. A bit of a challenge for second time around but I’m up for it. Different strains of autos as well. My jar selection is going to be amazing if it all works out.

How much?

Sorry @Carol4486 just seen this , 150 for all 3 boards

theyve never been used i just sent pics of my other ones im using to show you pics for reference.

Ready to use? Why are you selling them? Where are you located? @Ncgreenthumber

Are they leds? If no will I need a fan hooked to them to control heat. I wasn’t looking to upgrade but for the sake of my grow maybe I should

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Just ordered more than i needed lol. I guess better to have too many than not enough . They are leds . Its not the driver and the heat sink its just the boards themselves . They are the samsung 288 r-spec boards . They are 99.00 apeice and about 110.00 after tax. But i can promise you this . You wont ever need to worry about upgrading any more after these lights !

So it’s light part of diy? How actively are you trying to sell? I’m a lunch lady so I’m out of work till September. I can’t really justify light expense right now but in a couple months I can afford it

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@Carol4486 i completely understand being on a budget . Trust me i unplug the clocks when everyone is sleeping :joy::joy:. Im in nc . I am wanting to move them but theres always room for negotiation with me as well . And yes they are for a diy quantum board build ! Whats affordable to you right now ?

Let me talk to hubby and see what we can come up with

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Sounds good to me !