And it begins again RDWC gorilla glue 3 plants updated system

Happy roots, happy fruits :+1: :v:


Still alive !!!



So I’m thinking the stretch is over.

That means one thing, trim time !!!

Here is some before pics.

20 days since last trim. Close enough. Gonna trim and post pics in a few.


Ok they are trimmed up. 3rd plant got an experiment. Was fun

And then there was # 3


Lights out so no pics.

Ended up bending them all over to flatten canopy.

Making a home made type scrog to hold them up for when they get heavy. Will share photos of build on it.

Gonna be sweet !!


Those are some fine looking Ladies :+1:

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Well. Not happy with ilgm rite now as I have a perfect environment and hermies


Now if a miracle happens I can reverse it.

Have some switch to try. Cant get reverse


Ok so here’s the girly boys lmfao.

I haven’t a clue if the stuff is gonna work. But they do look good. I haven’t found any new sacks also there is 1 more application I do wed. For the switch.

I didnt build scrog due to the girly boy situation. Just figure if it’s all for nothing at least I wont waste more time building scrog. So puppet strings it shal be.oh and yes they were super cropped.

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I’m not bold enough to go hydro yet, but I have mad respect for the light situation in that tent. Really impressive grow so far my man!! Aspirational reading for me!

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Looking good man. How many weeks in on flower now? My system is still coming along. About got it tho. Doing a trial run atm with 1 clone to see what it can handle ppm wise. Then it’s off to the races for me also

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@Kamdo looks like about 3 weeks in flower now. I’ll update pics soon.
Lights r out rite now

Awesome. Can’t wait to see an update. My system is done now. As soon as I get some time to pop up some pics I will. Changed it up a little.