And here we Grow... For the first time ever

FYI those flower times are just a estimate and can vary a little so make sure you have the room to veg them just in case grow takes a bit longer than you expected sometimes these girls can get stubborn and not want to amber up ? Not sure what your preference with your smoke
I’ll harvest plants at different stages for different effects
day time smoke / night time smoke


And as another week comes to a close, No major problems to report (knocks on wood)… Kind of fun to just watch the buds form. Uny, the runt of the liter, that little thing is is like one big muscle, not a soft spot on her…

Group Photo





Getting frosty, and them buds are rock hard, no fluffy air pockets.

And in case I am not around tomorrow, Happy 2 month B-day to Eve, born on April 19 :birthday: Unfortunately, teh doctors say she has an incurable case of THC, and only has about a month to live (give or take a week) :skull_and_crossbones: But it is about quality of life, not how much is left, So I will feed her until she is fat and happy, and then, and only then, shall I let her pass on :smiling_imp:


Looking great Bro, just make sure Eve doesn’t suffer to much. Get it over with fast!! :rofl:


Just another day, feed and wait, feed and wait…

Group photo

Future Bud of the month contestants

If it taste and is potent as it smells, I will be a very happy man… Find myself just sticking my head in the tent and taking deep breaths… Until next time :v:


Lucky you @Ron330 lol I’ve been out for a while lol (a month) my girl couldn’t grow fast enough haha it does suck tho because I’m pained and nothing I can do about it sadly. :weary: so smoke one for me that’d be awesome lol looks great tho my friend happy growings!

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Well, my first real problem popped up sometime Thursday night. Two of the girls were showing magnesium deficiencies on Friday. Off to the store I went, Cal-Mag to the rescue. I ran 1 gallon of ph’d water in the pots, then added 1 gallon of nute/cal-mag/ph up water into her. Checked this morning and problem has not gotten any worse. So hopefully I caught it in time and fixed the problem… (I kept forgetting to grab the camera, so no pics, I’ll try to get a few later)

Will the leaves showing symptoms keep the yellowish fade, or will they go back to green. Guess as long as it gets no worse I’ll be happy…

@Stoner_Cody420 About 2 weeks to go, maybe 3 or 4. Luckily I still have about 4 weeks of Meds left from my last Colorado trip in April…

Not much happening, the bad leaves haven’t gotten any worse… Here is a pic of one of them…

As you can see in the following pick, Eve was hit the hardest, the other 3 have a little bit of it, but not even close to being as bad…

front left has it on a small leaf, back right has it on 2 leaves, back left has none…


From what I understand the yellow leaves will never come back green, and will die and fall off. Just make sure that new growth doesn’t start turning yellow as well.


Not much to update… Just patiently waiting for trichomes to change… Today’s forecast, mostly clear, with just a speck of clouds…

Anyone have suggestions on some type of magnifier… I have the Carson one, and I also got a 90x loupe, and I did get quick glimpses of the girls up close, but between me and the plants, one of us won’t sit still long enough for a good long look… Down side is I have no phone, pad, or laptop to take out to the garage to use one of those attachments types…

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Nothing new, broke off a small branch watering. Hmmmm, well sample bud it is (currently drying)… Other than that, not much new. about a week to go on the first one, the others look like 2 weeks (maybe 3 weeks on 1 of them). No pics, memory card is dead. Hopefully the camera I have been looking at gets a deal tomorrow…


R.I.P. Eve - 3/19/2017 - 7/13/2017 (85 days old)

She lead a good life, but we knew at birth she was not going to live long, so she was pampered and spoiled as much as possible. She has only been gone an hour, but I already miss her…

For those who could not make the wake (n bake), here are a few pics of the service…

May she Smoke in Peace…

Wet Weight = 306.77 grams (including stems)

Age = 85 days from seed

Smoke = hard hitting day time high (tested popcorn bud yesterday)

I’ll post a dry weight in about 5-10 days, at which time Ava should be ready to join her sister. Followed shortly after by Ivy and Uvy. Dropping seeds for next grow tonight…


Nice job @Ron330
Hope she smokes as well As she looks brother
Devide the wet wieght by 4.2 you be close to your dry weight
Got this formula from @Majiktoker


@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks, the test bud smoke was awesome, better than I thought it would be (for an underside popcorn bud).

306.77 / 4.2 = 73.04g… I will be overjoyed with that number, my goal was 1 ounce a plant, since I didn’t top, train, or scrog them… It is all possible because of this forum, although I didn’t ask for a lot of help, I did get a lot of help from other topics and older posts…

Hats off to ILGM and the community they created…


Well done let me know it it works out and if you wher eclosebwith the formula :+1:

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Very nice @Ron330 In school I sat in the back of the class as much as I could. I can see you paid attention at least at the ILGM school of weed! Congrats on graduating to the second round. May Eve and eventually her sisters… continue to be good to you for a long time!

The wet weight/ dry weight calculation. I am interested to see how close the number is too. That would be a respectable number for the first grow from one plant!

Well Done @Ron330


R.I.P. Ava 4/20/2017 - 7/19/2017 (90 days old)

Not to out done by her sister Eve, Ada put up some good numbers

My picture taking skills need some work…

Wet Weight = 344.51 grams (including stems)

Age = 90 days

Still have a few days of drying for Eve. Ivy and Uvy will be coming down Saturday.


Well, the last 2 came down tonight. I didn’t bother with a wet weight on the last two, but will post a dry weight when I get it…

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 the weight calculation was pretty close on this one , I got a weight of 71.12 grams (estimated was 73.04) tonight (63 grams after stem removal). Unfortunately I had to toss about 10 grams due to mold (my own fault, I had them hanging in a box the first couple days with no ventalation). But I am still happy with the number I got. Just going by what I was paying for an ounce, I should have the tent paid for, and have an ounce or two on the plus side (I do not sell, this is just an example of the money I will save in the future)…

Will probably only have 1 more update here with dry weights… But if you are bored, please stop over at my newest disaster in the making…


Final Update

All 4 WWA have dried, and are now curing in jars.

Total Usable Bud == 207 grams (7.39 oz)

Was an experience, 102 days from seed until last one was in jar. Learned a lot. Want to thank everyone who stopped by to help. If you are bored, be sure to stop by my new journal for my next grow…

Journal Closed


Great job @Ron330! That is a great yield for 4 autos!!



Very nice!:+1::+1: