And here we Grow... For the first time ever

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA? ILGM WWAF

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? FFOF

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor

Light system, size? 450w Viparspectra dimmable

Temps; Day,Niight:

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size : Yes, 6 inch intake, 4 inch filter/outake

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, na

Co2; Yes, No no

I dropped the seeds in water last night, so there is no turning back now… I do not have access to a camera just yet (I don’t own a phone), so pics may be slim for a while until I find something. But I am germinating 4 of them, with the intention of doing my best to kill at least one, for learning purposes…

So for the past month, I have been reading and buying, buying and reading, lol. So far I have a 3’x3’x6’ tent, 450w led, a couple of clip on fans, 5 gal smart pots, FFOF with a little extra perlite mixed in, got my ph, tds, and humidity/temp meters, have ph up and down and the common nutes (fox farm trio)…

Tomorrow I plan on putting the seeds in peat pellets in there dome… Now if anyone could tell me where i can buy some patience, seems to be the only thing I am lacking right now…


You and I have very similar initial set ups.
Sounds like you;re off to a good start with equipment.
That should be all you need for you first grow.
I assume you have a timer for your light?
Humidifier may be helpful while they’re seedlings.

Good luck with this first grow, this forum is amazing with plenty of helpful & knowledgeable people.
(I;m still new at this, but have learned so much, as I’m sure you have too)

Yes, I have read thousands of post here, and in 2 other forums… I have the lights set for 18/6 on the timer, about 30 inches above, just have to turn them on… Now I just have to find how much light to give them when the sprout, and what colors of light are best at that age (off to the lighting threads with me)…

From what I’ve read, CFLs are fine for the fist couple weeks after sprouting.
You can keep them close to the seedlings without much risk of burning them.
I used 4 100watt bulbs to start, they suggest 6500k lights for veg,


If you find where to buy patience, It is lacking in my grow frequently ! LOL Jerry


Welcome to the play ground @Ron330
We could all use a little patience a some point especially when it was our first grow.
Just remember not to do anything drastic with out consulting with others here if you not sure about your next move
There are very knowledgeable peeps here willing to help take advantage of that and I don’t think you’ll need to loose any of the girls
Sometimes sitting on your hands is best hahahahaha
Good luck and enjoy the experience
Just tag me if you have any questions I’ll be glad to help if possible
Happy growing
:v: CB


We have the first signs of life. After a 24 hr soak, I threw them in peat pellets, first one broke the soil, four more to go. I am hoping four of them make it, I just did 5 in case one didn’t take.

With any luck, the others will be able to say they were born on 4/20. But Eve, the first, was born at approx. 9:17 pm today…




Got the chance to head to Denver this Saturday, and wondered what the odds are of my sprouts lasting 5 or 6 days without any attention (they just popped the soil last night and today). I know the lights and water will be my main problems (won’t be around to raise or lower light, or to spray and keep moist)…

Any suggestions on my best chance to make them survive the week, or just let them ride it out and see what happens…

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I would say your lights will probably be ok they grow more under the soil at first as far as watering that’s another question
I think if it where me I would just give them a good watering maybe a little extra that normal and let them go since you’ll be away for the week they will have time to dry out before you return
I normally wound not advise over watering but in this case I think that’s how I would handle it
I left my out plants a few years ago when I went away and did the same thing all was fine but they where a bit older then yours
Good luck enjoy your trip @Ron330 and let me know how you make out :v:CB

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Should he reverse his air system to get that negative pressure? It seems like it should be 4" in and 6" out.

I’m not sure, but I know you have that answer…

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I missed that I guess yes I would do that unless by chance 4 inch is stronger and pulling more cfm but you always want stronger fan as exhaust
Thanks @FloridaSon for point that out


both are adjustable, but the 4" is a far better fan, so I will adjust them accordingly so exhaust is stronger…

thanks for the help… And will be back in about 6 days, not looking forward to the 1400 mile drive though…


After a very enjoyable break from life, I have returned (with many things to sample), Boulder was awesome, the people, the views, the nugs. Will be going back if the chance ever presents itself again …

And to my surprise, all 4 seedlings are still alive. Not in perfect health, leaves are curled down a bit, with a slight case of dehydration and mild light burns. smallest of the 4 is about an 1 inch high, tallest about 2-1/2 inches high. I raised the lights 6 inches, and have them re-hydrating. Later on today I will go out and read Jack and the Beanstalk to them (young minds are impressionable, and need good role models, and damn if that beanstalk wasn’t an over achiever)…

Now to get serious and get the girls healthy and thriving. Still working on pics, anyone know of a decent camera for under $300, so many out there, I am clueless on them…


Welcome back glad you enjoyed the trip and the girls are well
Give them a little love and all will be fine they are strong ladies lol

Not much to update… All 4 are doing ok, no visable problems… Growth might be a stunted a bit because of the unpredictable, widely changing ohio weather (got down to 34F last night and tent is in unheated garage)…

Started some nutes, only about 10% of what they recommend to start… But no news is good news… Still working on a camera, so no pics yet, probably won’t have pics for a while, I was saving for a camera, but am going to get a second light instead…

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A second light is the wiser purchase IMO


Well turns out I had a camera, a crappy one, but one none the less. Actually it is my Nintendo DSI, but it has a camera…

And there they are, wish I had gotten smaller pots so they would look bigger, lol…


They will fill those pots up in no time! :+1:


What ever it takes @Ron330
Lol they look great to me I agree with @MattyBear they will fill up the pots in no time lol


Glad to hear that you not watering them for nearly a week did not effect them. I have a similar situation coming up. By the time I get my beans and get them started, we have a 5 day vacation planned. I was worried about leaving them unwatered for that long at only a couple weeks old. I could always wait until we get back to start them. That would require some patience which I am short on.