And Here We Grow Again... Lets Get Stupified... 2nd Grow


3 ILGM White Widow Auto… 3 CK Train Wreck Auto… 3 CK Early Miss Auto… In a 3x3 Tent

Welcome to the Grow they told you not to do, In the following weeks, you will see an over crowded tent, you will see topping of Autos, you will see Fimming of Autos, you will see death and dismemberment, we hope not until the end. So, if you are not weak of heart, and feel you can cringe happily as this unfolds. Please feel free to follow along.

Strain : White Widow, Train Wreck, Early Miss (all autos)
Containers: 3 Gallon Smart Pots
Lights: 2 x 450 ViparSpectras
Soil : FFOF with extra 20% perlite mixed in
Climate: 3x3x6 Tent in unheated/uncooled garage
Humidity: It’s N.E. OH, of course it is high
Nutes: FF Trio

Seeds were dropped in for a 30 hour bath early Saturday Morning… (I dropped 2 extra WWA just in case any of the others failed to germinate, if they all take, I will plant the 2 extra in the woods

Removed from bath after about 30 Hours and into the paper towels with a little Myko’s they went


Late Tonight/Tomorrow Morning, I will put them into Jiffy Pellets, where they will remain under a dome until I finish my first grow in about week. But soon as the tent empties out, I will put them in their forever homes (3 gal pots)

And here we Grow... For the first time ever
Tutorial badly needed


Following your experiments with great interest, my friend!


Breaking all the rules I love it :alien::mask:


I’m currently going through my 1st grow and looking back at this process is fun. I have a similar setup but I’m only using one light that is 600w. My tent is also 4x4. I will be watching this grow :slight_smile:



Tag me in Bro!


Tag me in brother! This is gonna get real!



Tag me with your updates. I want to see you accomplish the impossible! They said 9 plants can’t be done?? Haha watch my boy do it!


Tracking your grow.
May your thumb be green and your harvest bountiful👍


Here is a tail for you, actually 10 out of 11 had nice 1/2" long tap roots going. There was 1 stubborn one that had not broke open (a train wreck auto). Here is a brief glimpse at a couple of the WWA, I had the others already in there pellets before I thought to take a pic.

So the Seed Banks are off the hook, they did their job, now it is all on me. After a sprinkle of Mykos, I put them all into their cribs, and threw them in the tent

I have the lights set to my other plants, I will adjust and add a platform for the seedlings as needed to control stretching. So until there are some sprouts, I bid you a fond farewell.

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Looking good


We have sprouts. 8 of the 11 have reached for the sky and broken free from their graves so far.

4 out of 5 White Widow Sprouts

2 of 3 Train Wreck, and 2 of 3 Early Miss Sprouts

It is almost time to go to work, in the next 10 days I will be harvesting the remaining 3 from my 1st grow, while filling and potting these new babies. In between I need to wipe down the tent.


And there off! :horse_racing:


There’s no place like home, there"s no place like home. And after a generous sprinkle of Mykos, into there new homes they went. So as of now, I have 3 Train Wreck, 2 Early Miss, and 4 White Widow Autos in the pot. This will only change if the 3rd Early Miss pops its head up in the next few days.

Not much to do now, but water and wait. May have to adjust the lights tomorrow, I dimmed them to about 50% power, turned the reds off. The 2 cups in the pics are the extra WWA, and the EM that hadn’t popped yet. Will try to get pics at least once a week this grow, so until next time. :v:

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“To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

That tent gonna be full!


@Ray4x yes, It is a disaster in the making. But I fully prepared to move a couple out to the woods if I need to. My biggest problem in life, is when I get an idea, no matter how many people tell it won’t work, or it is a bad idea. It would stay on my brain forever as a “what if”. I am going to give it my best shot, but will not sacrifice the whole crop to keep them all in there…



Are you going to scrog?

What kind of lighting to do you have again?


@Ray4x No scrog, just going to Top (1st row after 3rd node, 2nd row after 4th node) and FiM the last row at about the 4th node.

Using 2 Vipar 450w, have them set almost centered over front and back rows, with both hitting middle row. If I need to, I have been looking at them Roledro cobs. would make a nice 3rd I think, but we shall see after a couple weeks how it goes with just the 2…


I had 5 photos in my tent and pretty much ran out of room. Yikes


Love it … can’t wait to see the ladys


Weekly Update

A slow week, I imagine a lot of root activity is going on. 1 of the Early MIss Autos is looking a bit sickly, struggling to get that first leaf going. I am going to give her 1 more week to get going, after that she will be replaced by the spare White Widow Auto I have in the cup…

And now, A nice long string of pics of each one

White Widow 1

White Widow 2

White Widow 3

White Widow 4

White Widow 5 (spare)

Train Wreck 1

Train Wreck 2

Train Wreck 3

Early Miss 1

Early Miss 2 (the sickly one)

Group photo

And there you have it. Kind of bummed the Early Miss isn’t doing good, as 1 of them didn’t sprout either. By next week I may be down to 1 of the Early Miss. Just glad I did start those extra 2 white widows…

Stay Tuned until next week, when we find out, will EM2 survive, will WW5 find a new home, the suspense is building, How will these 9 neighbors get along when things get real. Guess you will have to come back and see, Until next time :v:

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