And here we go my first indoor grow

Just some of what I have currently that’s one plant have two more hanging will be ready to trim by weekend I hope
Here’s the one I’m drying now will post pics and weights soon in a week or so once I get everything trimmed up and in jars to cure


so how many actual watts and how much yield for that last grow? fair play bro, not bad at all!!! one plant… that looks like a good… 10 ounces?

Hmmm! interesting, so where would you advise using this technique? really cool stuff man, I plan to LST all around my hydro buckets, and just keep her tidy at the bottom, and just bend her/ damage branches til she fills my tent :slight_smile:

How do you plan on securing it to the bucket? Remember you can’t use the lip/side of the bucket, you have to take it off or move it for water and resources change

I will create something, like a string of cable ties attached around the bottom, and then loop um up to the lid (or whatever feels right) still waiting for the buckets… not looking forward to setting those up I wont lie.

I used suction cups…and hardware…and DO NOT USE fishline…I did on upper branches till I got shower curtain hooks that I used till finish

and my comedy of errors


aye, perfect idea! suction cups with O rings on the side of the bucket, then cable ties to hook the branches to the side - thankyou my friend, one less problem to resolve :slight_smile:


I didn’t think about suction cups.
@McLovin777 I was just trying to be sure, I thought about it at first when I started and then realized that I couldn’t do it that way


suction cups is a boss idea I think, id of probably used weights and cable tied if this smart ass didn’t post that.


they’ll stick to the flat top, but for the curved sides of the bucket they might need glue

No maybe 3 or 4 I’m waiting till it’s cured to weigh it out and get a final figure

Actual for this grow was 688 total actual watts from 4 lights 2) 300 watt led and 2) 400 cob style


So up date on wieght first plant yielded 3 oz of bud I’m ok with that still have two more plant to trim and get it jars should be ready no later than Sunday so I’ll have total harvest wieght in a few more days


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So final weigh in on gorilla glue was just over 6 ounces total :wink: I did take them a little early since I wanted to get my next grow started and had to redo my grow room but I’m ok with that
So this thread is at its end and I’ll be posting on my other thread
CB super silver haze grow

See you all there
Peace and happy growing Countryboy :cowboy_hat_face:


nice job. Those ones that slopped over on the counter I will be by to pick those up! lol!


I’ll have them packed up and ready for your trip home lol thanks buddy

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geez thats not a bad haul! Imagine if you had to pay cash for that?

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Yeah 10/4 I’ll save a bunch now that I have it
I also had the runt been smoking that for a couple weeks now was another 1 once or so :+1:


I see gorilla glue mentioned a lot lately…seriously, I will need much bigger tents to grow and have a stash of every variety just that ILGM has, then there are the others like gorilla glue and purple urkle and all…Gratz on the harvest and the nice stash!:wink::ok_hand: