Long story short. We bought 2 Acapulco Gold clones Aug 1st from a dispensary (most of you who have seen my posts know this all ready). They were transplanted to Happy Frog within a week (per dispensary suggestion). We were told nothing else re: care for these plants except to use distilled water because of our water here on the western slope of CO. Plants were put by the back door - sliding glass - and had evening sun. Asked dispensary about kicking outside (for good) and they said little bit at a time. Two plants we previously had DIED within 30 minutes of being in direct sunlight - so we were VERY hesitant to try this again. Talked to someone at a hydro store who told us to buy Grow and Bloom and give when watering - and to SOAK the plants, wait a bit, then put them in the sun (never to put wet plants in the sun because they could burn).

Tired of not having proper information for this type of plant, or anyone close enough by to help us out directly – I booted those damn plants outside yesterday from 8 am until about 7:30 pm. They delt with full sun all day (90+ degree hot and dry) and light wind (not breeze) and both were watered, then let sit for 10 minutes in the shade while I put stuff away, then out in the sun they went.

Unfortunately, both are flowering and maybe 2 months old (from first clip off the mother plant to now). My husband says next time we start from seeds. One plant since it started flowering has the top leaves curled under, but it also has buds on 2 of the flowers. The other does not have anything wrong with it - its a pretty happy plant.

So out they went this morning for day 2. My husband wants to put 2 holes in the ground and put them in it. That would mean full sun, and possibly rebar post to tie them to IF they get any bigger so the wind doesn’t tear them out of the ground. Where we live, the wind can make Wyoming wind look like a soft gentle breeze.

Now - my issue - WHAT do you guys (and gals) do when the temp drops at night, and then in the winter time, as far as outdoor growing plants? Don’t they have to keep warm or die??

As long as the temp stays above 40 you should be ok. I really feel for you and your situation. You were probably really excited and motivated “I’m gonna grow my own stuff and be token all day” and then some punk basically pushed you out the door with no direction at all. They fleeced you big time. Hopefully the clones didn’t set you back a lot. I’m really sorry this happened and it’s a black eye for us enthusiasts that truly care. I witnessed this bullshit all the time when going to saltwater aquarium stores. I wish I could come there and help.

Outdoor winter growing is not an option once temps get around 45 the plant wI’ll basically slow to a crawl on growth and frost means it’s over

If you can mabey get a small green house with some suplemental heat at night might work but you will have to supplement light to or just have small plants in winter you don’t have enough sunlight to veg hours wise

My husband bought this greenhouse thing - its chain link and has white plastic type stuff all around it. The Colorado heat has been way too much for the plants to be inside - even with all 4 windows open and the front and back doors unzipped. I tried to put a fan in there the other day and just couldnt cool it down enough to feel safe to put the plants in there. Im hoping maybe we can put them there during the daytime if its warm enough - but I guess worst case scenario, we can just keep them indoors when it gets too cold. Its not like they stink up the place or anything. Btw - my husband got the plants because he has his medical marijuana card and had hoped when he could harvest I could make him candy and cannabutter to help with his pain. So yea, $20 per clone is a bit much for us - especially when I could drive 4 hours up the road and pay $10 for a good sized plant!

So yea - Not a happy camper but I guess its a learning experience. Need to grow from seeds next time I think! I just hate to see any plant not do well (i have 6 indoor plants I spoil as it is).


May I please inquire what manufacturer for that enclosure you are showing.
I will look online too, I like the chain link. Good for an anchor. The mesh cover will keep out those darn moths and caterpillars. Thanks.

I will have to find out the information. My husband has both that one and a new one still in box for sale because they were several hundred dollars and he thought that he was going to be able to use them year round for the plants.

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My thanks to you.

Here is what website says. It’s just called Secure Grow. This 8x10x8 size is becoming rare. Tractor Supply has one that’s like a 10x10 for over $1,000. Too bad you weren’t close my husband says he would sell you the ones he has!

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Just wondering? What would it sell for now? Just curious. And thanks again for the response and information. Tractor Supply is down the street and Home Depot has a selection that starts at about 350 for a decent greenhouse. Also the shipping is the factor nowadays.

Oh yeah I know. I think he paid close to $800 for these because it is lockable whereas most of the greenhouses are not. I think he said that the one that is shown in the picture he would have been willing to sell for $400 and the other one that’s boxed up he would be willing to sell for 500 because it’s never been put up or anything.


Well that is reasonable, I do want to figure if that one would be enough. I may need the larger versions. Height is a factor as I need eight feet or more. But if I can adapt a save that would go higher, I will consider. Thanks again. Happy growing.

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It’s supposed to be 8 ft wide by 10 ft long and I think 8 ft high at the peak… chain link walls are 6 ft tall. Happy growing to you!


HydroFarm.con has the 8x10 size for $780

You could buy a 10x10 dog kennel and either buy the roof kit or build in a roof with 2x4’s. Then, cover it with 6mil plastic sheeting. You’d end up with the same or similar for less $&


Actually, around here dog kennels are $300+ and then the roof kit and then the cost of sheeting, we have one left (the one we put up but never used) and the price right now is $350. I know - it reminds me of a glorified dog kennel and if we ate eggs, I probably would have used it as a chicken coop!

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Sounds perfect. @NewB2MMJ