And Away we go!

Been planing this for months and finally seeds are in soil after 72 hours soaking.
Gerninated 2 seeds. I know the tent is a bit small for more than one plant but I might try to squeze in both.
Is that a realy bad Idea?

Really looking forward to what I will learn here!

  • Blue Dream Autoflower

  • 5 gallon grow bag

  • Combo- 4" Inline Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller, 4 Inch Carbon Filter

  • MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led

  • MARS HYDRO Grow Tent 2’x2 (ordered 2.3 X 2.3 but received this) Already looking to expand soon. :slight_smile:

  • FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom

  • Apera Instruments AI209 Value Series PH20 Waterproof pH Tester Kit

  • Fox Farm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil


Welcome, get ready for a wild ride

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Blue dream auto sounds like a great plant. 2 of them in a 2x2? I think it is worth a try. You might have to do a little LST. See what needs to be done as you go through veg.
I have a 3x3. It is a nice size give my space limitations. Try to have 4 plants in there.
good luck

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Welcome to the forum great people around to help you, happy growing!

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Your going to do fine if your tent is 4 feet high you may want read up on LST have fun everyone is here to help and welcome

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Hi All,
Germinated 2 and put both in 5 gal bag and figured if the both survive I will transplant one after it gets a good hold.

16 hours after putting my first girl “Mary” in soil she looked pleased.
Her sister “Wanna” had me worried that she didn’t make it.
After reading cautions here I was afraid to over water, but this morning a put just a few drops on both my girls. Bingo! A few hours later Wanna stated to poke her head out!

And Mary is really looking good.
My big issue is heat. I’m growing in a shed that has a window A/C but being in the southwest it just can’t keep things cool enough. Temp in tent hovers in low 80s. I have a plan to try and vent some of the cool air closer to my tent air intake with dryer hose and a con-cocked attachment for it on the A/C. Also some more insulation.

Is replying to my original post the correct way to add to my journal?

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Thanks @dirtydave I’ll make sure read all I can here on LST.

Appreciate your input @beardless. Looks like from comments so far LST 101 my next study program.

Things are looking up! Took some doing but I seem to have solved my heat issues. With a some insulated 4" dryer vent pipe and a lot of duct tape and metal duct tape I con-cocked a cooling system for my tent. Built this attachment for the window A/C and hooked it directly to the tent. Now my temps are within desired range.

Decided that my smaller girl “Wanna” looke well enough to try and plant in her own pot.
ane her sister “Mary” was glad to see her get her own place.

Hoping “Wanna” survives the move.


Day 15 and a happy camper by the way things are looking for “Mary”.

Sister “Wanna” not doing so well after transplant. I think I used too much water. Still hoping she will recover.


Taging @Calizona and @jj520 both many good tips.

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Thank you @hempday ! I’ll catch up later after work!

Thanks I’ll definitely be along for the ride :+1:

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Looking great so far! Low 80s is not a bad temp to be at at all. They can handle it if they are healthy. I did something very similar with my ac unit my first time around. It was very efficient. I’ve since added more tent and more everything. You’ll find out quickly, that you are gonna be constantly tinkering to get it right. That, to me, is the best part of this amazing hobby. I’m set to watching your thread and can’t wait to see what my fellow desert rat can grow! Happy growing!

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I can keep my Temps between 86 and 76 on a pretty consistent basis now. The rh has really been up to the rain. I don’t use a humidifier or dehumidifier.

My lights are off from 10am-4pm

AC infinity app is pretty awesome isn’t it… man I do wish it had Wi-Fi.

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I’m so busy when I’m not home, I’d almost rather not know what my girls are up to. I’d just rather assume they’re sitting there, thinking of me.


Yeah, well, until you’re out of town for a week mid grow. :rofl:

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Haven’t had to do that yet. I left during my last grow, but right at the end. But I also delayed the next grow until I got back. Kinda set me back on the perpetual smoke thing

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Yeah, enter the Autopots and other automation. I work from home, so when we’re home it’s a complete non issue, but we go away a fair amount.

Some of our trips were planned frequent enough that I’d had to have waited until Jan to start the next grow…. Nope…

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