An old Aquaponics setup


Hi all,

I’ve had an Aquaponics setup for quite a few years now, growing all sorts.
I’m about to venture into some Sativa, green (scuse the pun) at this side of things though.

My setup is rather big and outdoors, I have 3 x 500litre grow beds (plastic tubs 2200mm x 1200mm and about 300mm deep), these are “fed” by a large IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container), and a 300lt sump tank to drain the grow beds into. I then have a pump in the sump tank pumping back into the IBC.
The pump is on a timer 15mins on 30mins off.
The beds contain Expanded clay pellets, which do a great job of holding water and (good) bacteria.

The IBC normally contains fish, (Silver Perch), but I lost them about six months ago, As an alternative I have a large pond, containing about 700lt of algae and a few goldfish, perfect really!
I’ll take some photo’s and show the setup, I’ve ordered a couple of seeds, to give them a go, all for medical use, my wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have a few things (diabetes etc).
so hopefully I can produce some oil to use.

I’ve been doing AP for quite a while so have learned a lot, feel free to post some questions.
It takes about 30 days for your system to cycle.
"stock lightly for your first batch of fish. Don’t be tempted to have a lot of fish in the beginning. Remember, install a large aeration (bubbles) with a battery backup system. invest in a full test kit. (let me know if you want details)Conduct your usual tests for Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates at the following frequency. Daily for pH and Ammonia. Every second day for Nitrites. When the Nitrites appear you will know that the beneficial bacteria are on the increase. A short period of time after that Nitrates should start to appear. Test for Nitrates every second day until you see them appearing. Once you see Nitrates you know that your system has cycled. Continue to test for Ammonia. If it goes beyond 1.0 mg/L then carry out a one-third water change.
There are lots of sites out there that talk about Aquaponics, I use Backyard Aquaponics, but they do NOT talk about growing these types of plants, and would probably get you kicked off. (narrow minded f*ckwits).


@Dumme is another person that grows with aquaponics on this forum… maybe he will chime in… :wink:
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@BrayneGro is another aquaponics guy that might be interested in this.


Hi I would like to share with you and learn to not hesitate


Would love to see some pics of your setup :wink:


@phred Here is a great pod cast on everything if you listen to episode 1 you will understand


Ok I look at it and the photos will be in an hour: wink:


Hi, did you look at my assembled system? It’s
simple and cheap everything you’ve done yourself: wink:[quote=“Hogmaster, post:5, topic:18276, full:true”]
Would love to see some pics of your setup :wink: