AN Micro, Grow, and Bloom for indoor soil autoflowers?

I bought Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, and Bloom before I knew it was for hydroponics. The limited info I found said to follow the directions on the label for soil. My question is this: Do I mix all three for each phase, or, is mixing the three only for hydro? ILGM has a chart that suggests when to use each, but I am not sure if it applies to AN products as well. Perhaps I should just scrap it for a better soil grow nutrient package? If so, any suggestions?

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What medium are you using?

I am using super soil mixed with regular non-fertilized potting soil and the cloth 5 gallon potting bags. So do I still mix the three together every time, or, use them individually (Micro, grow, bloom)? Label says mix’em and ILGM seems to suggest using nutes separately in non-hydro and soil grows. Using 1500watt LED full spectrum (250 actual watt) in a spare bedroom.

I would go with what the manufacturer recommended. Other than the amount they suggest. Always start about a 1/4 to 1/2 to be sure you don’t burn them. Also not sure if there is confusion but mixing the nutes, into the water one at a time not mixed then put in the water. My nutes requires me to add micro first then the others to follow. Be sure to check PPM/PH in and out. But if you are in nutrient rich soil you should not need to adds nutes right away I would think.

What week are you on? Veg or flower?

Right now I have some Bergman’s Gold Leaf auto’s that germinated 4 April and still have not begun flowering. Not sure why. Perhaps ILGM sent me regular rather than autos. I just started 10 Northern Lights autos today.

I mix them in a water jug then water the plants. Also, I use aquarium water backwashed from the filter. I foliar feed them with it and use it for watering.