An interesting article about LED lighting for your grows

While trying to learn about lighting for LED lights, I came across this article.
I found it interesting, but being new to growing, I’m not sure what to make of it.
Just posting for others to read, and maybe some other growers will chime in.

I’m kind of the LED expert here.

And I wouldn’t have written the article much differently.

However, times are continuing to change, and actually, now-a-days you can find really good LED systems under $100.

I’ve seen a couple, and even someone posted a link to one they found starting for around $65 on e-bay.This would be for about a “300 watt” LED that actually uses about 150 to maybe around 160 actual watts and it would give you probably the equivalent performance of a 200 to 250 watt HID light. You have to buy from a well known manufacturer with a high customer rating to be sure you are getting a decent light for that price, and you really need to do your homework first.

As I’ve posted in numerous other posts about this topic, the industry standard for HID lights is 50 watts of electricity per square foot of area or the foliage canopy. With CFLs or T5s, this can be brought down a little because you can bring the lights closer and closer lights drastically increases the lumens or intensity of the PAR, or photosynthetic active radiation, in other words, the colors, spectra or frequencies of light that plants can use to make photo synthesis. Roughly, white light is made up of equal parts red, green and blue light and plants can only use the red and blue parts of the light. Look into the inverse square law of radiation to understand the proximity and intensity better. So because the closeness, with fluorescent lights you can maybe get away with as little as 40-45 watts per square foot. And both because you can get them closer and they are not wasting as much energy on the approximate 1/3 of the visible light spectra that is green light and that is almost totally useless to plants, with LED you can get away with as little as 30-35 watts of actual electrical power use per square foot.

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Will I switch too the 700 watt mars2 the light is awesome in my space 36x20x63 i know you have a lot more space the light is good.

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It is very helpful. But if your all set then that’s a good thing. Were you reading my mind a few mine’s ago…lol

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