An idiot with fiskars

Hey all. I been getting a bunch of questions about how much i defoliate(is that a word??). So i thought id put up some before and after pics. This is a plant i did today.

Now, this is a half ass survey fir fun so please comment and be as critical as you like. Here are the answers

1…perfect, exactly like i do
2…Meh, i would have done more
3…Meh, a bit much.
4… wow, too much, what the hell is wrong with you??
5…Dude, it doesnt look like you even started
6… uh… what are we talkin about again?


I have zero experience with that, and I have no answer, but I’m pretty ripped and your post made me laugh. Thanks man!

7:) none of the above, lol. I haven’t got to flower yet, so I can’t say, but your girls are and look good IMO. I know Hellraiser trims his down a bunch before flower.

3 … definitely more then I would have…if ya got some clones of it maybe…and why not the dead leaf on the bottom left… that is all. Oh we not talked before…nice to meet ya silver… do you have any other girls going and what is she 2 weeks about innto flower? I would have got some of that done end of veg too.

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Shes in wk 3 of flower. And i got that dead one lol. Didnt see it till i posted the pic. She is one of 3 diesel autos, in with 3 white og photos. I go waay further with photos.

Ill put update pics up in a week or two. My goal was to show its hard to go too far. I went a little lighter on the other 2 autos. I plan to post yields of all 3 at end of grow with that plant, one i went lighter on and the other is even lighter than that.

Full disclosure, this is the 4th grow from that batch of seeds so i got a pretty good feel for how they will do. That naked plant will look like i never touched it in 2 weeks.