An Exercise In Self Indulgence!

Hey Everyone, so here’s the lineup for my next run of autos. This ones going to be 10 plants, all by Mephisto Genetics!

2 - Sour Stomper
2 - S.O.D.K. (Sour Orange Diesel Kush)
2 - Skywalker
2 - Creme De La Chem
2 - Double Grape

Plus I also started my tomato plants along with them. So the nursery tent is a little more crowded than usual.

Of course I backed myself into a corner again. I should have waited another week or so to start this run. I left myself no spare time at all. These babies are going to be ready to be transplanted and moved into one of the grow spaces right around the time my current grow lets me out of trim jail. So there will be no time to rest in between!

So I set up the nursery tent in the living room this time. It was totally impossible to keep the cats off of it where I had it in my bedroom for the last grow.

Seeds were soaked on March 5th, put in paper towels to germinate on the 6th, and planted in solo cups on the 7th.

Almost everyone was above ground by the 9th.

And on the 12th!

And this morning just before the lights went out!

I’m thinking I’ll probably do some training on 1 of each strain, and try to leave the other of each to grow as naturally as possible, with the exception of some leaf tucking and slight bending where needed.


so awesome, its plant factory going on there.

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Very nice looking set up and cute babies. I swear there’s always a runt though, isn’t there?

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Yeah, I actually thought the 2 Sour Stompers were looking like runts, but thankfully they picked up the pace after a few days. That little tiny one is a Rutgers Tomato plant that I started a few days later after a friend asked for one. I got pretty lucky so far this time, everyone’s looking ok for a change, lol.


Ah! So you slipped a ringer in there, huh? That’s funny. It’s so teensy I couldn’t even tell

“Incognito Tomato”

Hmm. Sounds like a decent band name!


I love how you built that frame above the heater and humidifier like that… nice looking set up! :+1:

… I’ll play drums for our Incognito Tomato band!! :rofl:


Day number 11 for these little ones. Other than a couple of slow growers everything is looking good. I’m surprised the tomato plants are keeping up with my girls, lol.


looking great, you got some big ladies, i bet those roots look like art work when you put them out of the solo cups.

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If you get a chance I would love to hear how you built the riser. I would love to do something like that in the veg tent to have more footprints for plants and tuck the humidifier beneath.

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Hey @JaneQP, what are the dimensions of the tent you want to build the rack for? I’ll make a list of the materials you will need to make it, and get you some close up pics of the way I put them together.

This is the little one in the nursery tent and a bigger one I made for my 2 1/2 × 5 tent.

@BudzMS, yeah I wait until I know the roots are throughout the entire cup before I transplant. Most people say they go by when the leaves extend over the sides of the cup, but that’s too early in my opinion. I wait until the point where they’re thirsty every night, usually around day 15 or 16 above ground. Right now they’re still taking 2 nights to get thirsty again after a feeding. I’d say about 4 days to go.


Hey cap. I have a 2x4. I am thinking maybe only 1/2 to 3/4 raised so I can put a couple bigger older plants on the floor if room doesn’t open up in the flower tents in time. Any opinion on that logic?

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thats a good plan, first time i tried it the roots didnt fill the cup and it just fell apart and luckily i had it right above its new home and it all fell in the hole perfect lol. i wait as long as i can now.


Yeah, that makes perfect sense @JaneQP. One of the best things about these PVC racks is how flexible you can be with them. If you make one that’s 24" x 30" for your tent, and decide later that 24" x 24" would be better (or vice versa), it’s very easy to make that change. I never glue the joints, ever, because I always change my mind about what I want. They hold together fairly well by themselves, but if there are any points I feel need to be fastened I just drill a small hole and put a screw in to pin the joint.

All you really need are 3/4" PVC elbows, T’s, a few couplings, two or three lengths of 3/4" PVC, and a section of closet shelving. You can make it as basic as you want, or add a T wherever it might be convenient to have a stick shoot up to mount a fan or anything else to.

The rack in the above pic is 27 x 27, but let’s just pretend it’s 24 x 24. If I wanted to make it 24 x 30 instead of 24 x 24, I’d just have to change the straight pieces that connect the two sides. In this case it would be 6 pieces, the ones with blue dots or arrows in the pic below.

Or let’s say you got a new humidifier and it’s a few inches taller than your old one and doesn’t fit under your rack. In the pic below I marked the 6 sticks you can swap out to change the height higher or lower.

I hope you can understand my babbling, lol.
So if you want to do something either 24" x 24" or maybe 24" x 30", the material list is pretty much the same. You would need,
16 - 3/4" PVC T fittings
8 - 3/4" PVC elbows
4 - 3/4" PVC couplings ( for oops moments, lol)
4 - 10’ lengths of 3/4" PVC (a bit extra is nice)
1 - 4’ or 6’ long 12" wide wire closet shelf

What I should have said was “if you want to build a replica of mine, this is the material list”. If you want to change up the design, I’m sure it can be improved upon. Overall, they’ve been a tremendous help to my growing over the years especially when I’ve gone and overcrowded my spaces, lol.

Some tools you’ll want to have. A cutter for the PVC pipe, and a small pair of bolt cutters to cut the closet shelf to size. That’s actually the toughest part, those closet shelves are stronger than they look.

As soon as I transplant these seedlings and shut down the nursery tent, I’ll get you much better pictures of the little rack and the shelving. It will be a lot easier for you to see it and copy it with pics from better angles.


Yeah, that happened to me once as well, and then I learned to be more patient. Waiting for them to be thirsty every night has been working perfectly for me the last several grows.

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Awesome work!! Thanks for the great explanation with pics :+1: and all the details… very thorough!! :clap:

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Thx cap! I have your post tagged!

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The girls got a little crowded in the nursery tent, so I had to move them into the closet a couple of days before transplant time. Here’s the last pic of them in the nursery tent.

So I put them in the closet and spread them out a bit more in the trays so they weren’t laying on each other. They were still taking 2 nights to get thirsty again after a feeding, so I waited on the transplanting another couple of days.

Finally on day 15 they were thirsty the night after a feeding. Some pics from transplant day.

And as of this morning I’d say they’re pretty happy so far!


roots look like artwork. everything looking great


Thank you @BudzMS. They all held together ok for the transplanting, but honestly I think I could have waited another day or two for the roots to fill out a bit more.


well you did an awesome job, count me watching as usual.