AN Big Bud Question

I am in the 4th week flowering and I am using ANs Big Bud. I know people are not a big fan of AN but, do i use this product at every watering or every other? I am growing soiless in sphagnum so i am thinking every watering from weeks 2-5 at perhaps 1mL per liter instead of two as directed on the bottle. Do I also increase the amount till week 5. I use a gallon jug and use there directions for a gallon to mix for two plants. I asked AN and they send me to their charts.
Help me figure this out

@Screwauger @Sirsmokes

this is your choice…
either way use half the recommended strength,
1ml/gal every watering or 2ml/gal every other watering.!

no, keep to the 1/2 strength.

after a few grows and maybe an EC meter then u can start giving them more fertilizer and see where the optimum is.!


I’m going to say I followed the method @SlowOldGuy outlined. I used overdrive in the same manner in the final weeks or from mid to late flower till harvest. @BakedDog


Here is the schedule I use. And this is in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, which already has lots of nutrients. I feed with every watering until the plant looks like it has had just a little bit too much, or until it gets to its late stage in life when it should be consuming its own internal resources.
The key item you should take away from this is - don’t take any company instructions or other grower’s experiences verbatim. You need to watch the plant carefully - it will tell you if you are using too many nutrients, too much or too little water.
That said, do everything in moderation until you feel comfortable ramping up the concentrations, and by all means feed every other watering if that’s what you are comfortable with. That’s what I did on my last grow. I’m pushing things harder this time and so far everything looks good (and more bountiful).
The whole thing is a giant experiment and a giant learning experience.


Dammit. I used their guideline to 2ml per liter in a 3.5 liter container. So 6ml to gallon. You are saying 1-2ml per gall. Did I just screw the pooch? The plants look fine I havent looked today I water twice a week.
Damn noob mistake.
Thanks all for helping this freshman old guy

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Did you use Overdrive with big bud or run the OD longer if possible?

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sorry Baked, it was a typo.!
i will edit it if the site will let me.!

No problem, I just thought I really ef’d up. So per gallon it would be about 3ml or half of what I’ve done so far. Till week 4 then OD for wks 5-8

2 ml/l is the suggested full strength,
at ‘half strength’ it would be 1 ml/l or ~4 ml/gal,
3 ml/3.5 l or 6 ml/3.5 l every other watering should be great.!!

i prefer half str. every watering to keep pH more balanced…???
this also keeps me from having to keep track of which watering it is.! lol

what is OD.?
can u post the AN feed chart.?

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Sorry OverDrive from AN as well.
Nute chart is wierd. They told me to use Grand Master (obviously I am not lol) here is the link to the chart.

I tended to think the overdrive was very worthwhile so I ran the OD as long as possible. I really don’t recall if I ran both together, I don’t think I did.

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It is said not to. Just run for weeks 5 to 7 where weeks 7-8 is for flush. Like you said, I was thinking going as long as possible as well. I have critical kush and from what I have read was to feed “heavy” and flowering for 8wks. I’ll play it safe for the next couple weeks and feed at 1ml per gal. .
Honestly, Thank you Slowoldguy, Screwauger and TommyBahama