An autoflower experiment

Let me start this by saying I know you can’t clone auto flower plants. My understanding is that the genetics of these plants prevents cuttings from starting over. With that in mind, a cutting/clone taken from a 30 day old is already 30 days into its life cycle.

My Amnesia Haze autoflowers are progressing nicely. Using low stress training I’ve achieved my goal of many colas all relatively the same distance from the light. I am now slowly starting to prune the underbelly, taking away small leaves and some growth from under the canopy. I’m hoping by slowly pruning over time the plants won’t suffer any shock. The end goal is to have all the energy going to the top colas.

Some of the cuttings to be removed already have a small bud forming and enough nodes to make a clone. To be clear, these are small branches, living in little to no light, under the canopy. They are never going to amount to anything under there and are only going to take away from the colas I care about.

So here is where I may be getting a little crazy…

I thought to myself why not give these cuttings/buds a chance by giving them their own root system and a lift back up to the light. So that is what I’m going to do. The experiment cuttings are 35 days old with a bud already forming. If they take root (I believe they will) I will move them above the canopy and see what happens.

I would expect the cuttings to grow for another 60 days or more at which point it should be a very nice cola.

What say you?


There’s a thread on here by garrigan he’s been cloning them for a while, I’m not sure of the threads name …good luck will follow along!


I have done this with tops I have accidentally broke off and just didn’t want to throw them away. From autos. Idk why but I will not lollipop my autos until they start dying off theirselves. But I do this on my my photos and take everything I can clone and put under a 300w led in a 2x3 closest. I came across a post that @Paranorman was talking about and gave me the idea to try and take some autos in the future on some plants I have bred and growing extremely thick. I believe it would just help each limb or clone be able to get the most available light and not competing with the other limbs here a few pics of the autos I’m talking about

I can see how taking the lower limbs off and cloning these could increase the total yield just by letting them receive more of the light then need by spreading them out and as far as autos go it’s taking them early enough they have time to establish growth before entering flower stage. And here are some of the photo clones I have taking during lollipopin and just kept on 12/12. and all of these would have just been thrown into a hash bag or ended up dying off if left alone. So I look at it as a plus and more smoke in the long run out of something that would have been much of nothing.


I like your style @Allen13420 . That is exactly how I was thinking about this.

Could anyone post link the the post @Paranorman referenced? I could not find it.

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@Masshole I don’t think he has started a thread on cloning autos just yet or at least I can’t find it but the one I was referring to is The top three problems: Too much light, too much water and too many nutrients. Why is that? and we just talked a little on the subject. I have 3 limbs on my biggest auto that I have broke while moving it around and I believe I will take them and try just to see what will happen. I am thinking that cutting the limbs will put them into shock and slow growth and Idk if they will catch up or not but at this point they are going to make anything due to not receiving any light.

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Thank you for that link @Allen13420 and for sharing your experience. Even if this experiment doesn’t produce any results it fun trying, i could not be happier with the grow I have in progress now. I am absolutely sold on autoflower plants.

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This is the link to my experiment on Auto


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Thanks Will, I will be following along. My autoflower clones are looking pretty sickly. The are alive and have roots but are yellowing.

@Masshole… what was the result of your little expirement?