An auto, three photos and a clone

You can flux her out…no problem…just check for the new nodes that will be growing on those branches… I normally remove them, depending on how much green I have to grow with…remember by removing them you will severely slow the plant down…:sunglasses::v:

I will remove the interior flower sites as the branch grows. I will initially leave the leaves alone as long as they are not in the way or too congested. My approach this time is much different than with my NL. That one I double topped, each plant had 20 - 30 colas , and a short veg time. You know what that adds up to. I have more vertical height available so they can veg longer and am significantly reducing the number of colas. That is the “plan” anyway.
Thanks for your input. It is very much appreciated. Have a good one.

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No problem brother…just one more thing for the benefit of the new growers reading this…because you are so low to the medium, you need to check your feeding so as to not splash your lower leaves and burning them…keep it green…:sunglasses::v:

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Good point. It takes forever to water right now. The little red one does a good job because of its long neck to get under the leaves. Still a little wiping off to do though.

My 90 year old mother would be happy to know it is still in use.

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The NL clone was transplanted and received some attention.
This was it a week ago after removing some branches. What was removed is circled

This was her yesterday before re-potting and trim. I marked the same spots for reference. Grew nicely.

I didn’t want some of the branching so removed a few in prep for LST.

Put her in her 5 gallon pot

Spread it out
Recovered nicely and is much happier this morning



I only had time yesterday to LST AK47 #1. When I checked in on her this morning I thought “Good grief, she pulled the staple out” because she was so upright. Wrong, she simply turned her head up.

I put in another staple and is good to go. Speaking of staples. I make them out of fencing wire

I finished with LST on the remaining two AKs. Now I have to get them spread out.
Till next time


very nice! Should be a great plant!

So I thought you were talking about auto aks? What’s really going on in here. I’m lost at this point…

I have a Jack Herer auto that is a solo grow. The tent has 3 AK-47 photos and a NL clone. I am covering them all here.


:eyes: icu, watching for sure.

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Got it.

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Have to keep after training. Trying to establish growth pattern.
When I first numbered the AK47s #2 was in 2nd place for size. No longer. She is now growing faster then #1

Could not pin all of the branches on #1. They have not grown quite enough.

#3 is the smallest. I FIM her today, maybe topped - see if I missed or not. (I thought that is the other way around)
Today is day 45
next time


Jack Herer auto day 57 update.
Jack has just about filled the pot. Has put on some growth the last couple of days

Close up of main stem

Side branch. One of these days I am going to see pistils?? I hope - long time coming for an auto

These are the lights she gets to bathe in. 2 125-130 watt blurples, full on. On the left is 32 watt gem I use for starting vegetable seeds. I got it, might as well use it. In the rear is a 48" Kind B flower bar (with a little IR & UV) with 50 watts. I will turn this on when I see pistils. Close to 350w total

She received root hume, iguana juice, silica boost and calmag today. ph 6.8 ppm 670.
Runoff 6.9 / 1870
next time


Got to get another one going

What an awesome job @beardless, you will be charging “Consulting Fees” in no time. LOL

Curious to see how this Jack turns out. Taking for ever for this auto to flower. This may be a good thing. Trying to figure out how many buds to leave on her. I have removed all of the buds closest to the main stem and also suckers. This growth pattern makes it a little difficult to see inside. Let me know what you have going. If you want to just post to here, be my guest.

Yes if you can. I enjoy it. It was 47 degrees this morning at 8:00. Chain saw is sharpened, and it is time to cut some firewood.


Yes sir

Have to hand it to ILGM. Ordered seeds on 9/8. In the mail box today despite Mr. Dejoy.
Grandaddy Purple up next. Hoping it is a good candidate for cooler weather.

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Mine were delayed one day from the wonderful post office. But they were from Michigan. Still took 5 days.

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