An auto, three photos and a clone

Know the triggers and avoid them. Having to hermit helps

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Quitting smoking cigarettes for me after going back-and-forth for a very long time came down to this I just can’t smoke the next one just can’t smoke that one. It’s been many years.


Its great when a switch can be flicked in that manner @Happilyretired.
Just for a lot those addicted peptides in the brain the hungry gremblin talks one into just one more.
With any addiction smokes booze food sex work hard drugs cannabis forums.
I smoked cigarettes a few times noticed the affects it had on me and noticed the addiction pattern kick in half way through a smoke I would just flick the cigarette away and that would be it.
No more.

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I went one step further…I had 3 full packs still lying around…I just gave them away last weekend…that was also difficult…:sunglasses::v:

That is how many I had from the last cartons I bought when I started my countdown. 1 gone 59 remaining. 60 gone 0 left, where is that gum??.. :no_smoking:

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Funny I have never had a thing for the gum or patches or suchlike… The most difficult part for me is having a rum & coke in one hand and nothing in the other…it really gets me sometimes…:sunglasses::v:


Some triggers are easier to avoid than others. Cheers, Skole
I could not do it without some sort of nicotine replacement.


I thought about putting these in a new thread but decided to just add on to this one.
It was time to get the AKs & NL clones repotted and into the tent. They are ready

I am going to squeeze 5 into the 3x3 in three gallon bags

Three NL center and back with two AK up front. A hodge-podge free for all of training going on with these. I’ll tie them down and spread them out a little bit and then let them go.


It can be done bud. I know you can do it. Sea of green it up.

You mean something like this. 12 in 24"x18" Sea of Green Acres AK47 & NL Clones


My god that looks good.

Took a cue from you. Just took it a little further. Having some fun.

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Did a little cleaning up on the plants.
A light once over on these. They had not previously received much attention. (poor things)

This one is a little older and further along. But still a bit of a mess

Flattened it out but the laterals not long enough to do much with

@Arrow This is the same plant on 12/19/20

Not sure what is going on with some of the leaves. They have received a couple doses of calmag and backed off on nutrients for a couple of waters.

Taking shape

Not planning on doing a whole lot more. I’ll see what I can do with the AKs.
Till next time


Have you just transed her ?..:sunglasses::v:

Only two days in the 3 gallon pots. The transfer went well. The root ball stayed in tact and solid. I did run a knife around the inside of the 6" pot so it would slide out.
All of the NL I have grown developed the purple stems. It looks like it is extending into some of the leaves. I had the room temp in the low 60s while drying the last crop. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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Keep an eye on her…she should explode now, don’t worry about the purple stems…led lighting… She was a bitty cramped in the smaller pot…you good as always my friend…:sunglasses::v:

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She has been hanging out for almost three months. Small pots and only 64 watts to keep her stunted.
As always, thanks.


Tent rh only around 40%±.
Time to pull out the humidifier. Ok a container and a towel. Soak the towel and then let it wick. See how it does. I just watered too so hard telling what will cause any rh increase.


I recently compared the transmitters’ readings to a 62% Boveta so I know, at least at 62% the big one accurate and the white ThermPro I need to add 5%. Lights on intake and exhaust fans off

The 86% readings is along the tent’s wall about 6" above canopy. ThermPro is just off tent’s center, at canopy level.
At 80 degrees, VPD is supposed to be 75 - 80% RH for late veg. I am going to turn intake & exhaust fans back on.


Water and feed today so I thought I would grab a few photos
Also did a little cleaning up by removing some buds and finished topping one of the AKs
Here are the NL
NL #1

NL #2

NK #3

Looking down one of the mains