An auto, three photos and a clone

They were being a little shy this morning. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

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Jack Herer auto update. Day 122, 69 in flower. She is showing her age but still has a ways to go. Today will be the last time I feed her. Will start Flawless Finish with next water until harvest. Probably two applications.

That’s all folks. Till next time


Wow looking great dude!:+1::100:


Dang. Those are some beautiful dark green leaves.

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Thanks I really can’t take any credit. Pretty much following Advanced Nutrients Natural Growers veg & flower recipes - Iguana Juice Organic. The base nutrients are not shy with N.
Grow 3-1-3
Bloom 4-3-6, I also add Mother Earth Super Tea which is 3-2-5 through out.
Feed every 4th day ±. PPM per feed 600’s late veg and 750 - 1000 in flower. I do watch runoff numbers and if they get too high, I run another liter or two of ph water to maintain a level of 3000 or less. Typically 2200 ±. I grow in fairly heavily amended soil using FF OF as the base.


Well, my wife’s 39th anniversary gift arrived Saturday. Not too bad. Ordered on 11/12 and arrived 11/21.
It is for the space pictured and described in post 425.

It is the X1 65W Mini

I have to feed the girls this morning. Then should be able to organize the space and hang it. Will update then.
One other thing.
On Deepsix's First Journal: there was a discussion on convection type vaporizers. I am totally unfamiliar with them so anything you can add or recommend will be appreciated. Like to keep it under $200. Portable ones that were mentioned or I have seen include:
Boundless CFV
Utillian 722
Utillian 721
Linx Gaia


Looking good brother.

Just a little guy for a small space to provide better light to young plants and clones.


I think I am going to buy a 350r to replace one of my CMH315.

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.Someone mentioned Budget LED as an alternative to HLG. It looks like they have some interesting options.


Yeah. The 350r really isn’t practical for a 3x3 . It wrong configuration. Need more square than rectangular

I agree. Budget led does look very interesting!

That is one thing that also intrigued me. The SQ2 models design for square tents

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It has been three months since I was able to post any trichome pictures. I figured it was time to check them out on bathroom Jack. She is not ready yet. But since I have them, here are a couple.

A few amber on a sugar leaf

One follow up item. I set up the Chilled. Set at about 40% at 12"


Another week already. AK-47 & NL clone update. Day 43 12/12. Pulled a couple dozen leaves, undersides look good so here are a few that I am thankful for:

A couple from below

Till next time. Have a great thanksgiving


That’s beautiful, I’m suffering from a bit of Envy here…:v:t3::+1:t3:


Thanks appreciate that.

Yep worthy of some envy.
Beautiful spread of flowers.
Wow thanks giving already
I better go buy me a drink of Dr pepper’s and celebrate :champagne:


Happy Bud Day brother!:+1::v:

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That net is making those girls look sweet. Yummy nugs