An auto and a photo cross, what to expect?

My autos are just about done (chop date 12/21) and I was doing a fan leaf defol before lights out. I noticed on my ATF photo plant (week 8 flower) what appeared to be a small seed forming. I scoured the plants and found that my Super Lemon Haze auto had developed one or two nanners and had actually been in contact with the flowers on the ATF (both share a tent and are next to each other) I checked the rest of my plants and luckily found no other contaminated buds.
While seeds were not my goal this grow, it appears I got one as a bonus anyway. Do seeds that are crossed between an auto and a photo present as an auto, or a photo, or is it a crapshoot possibility of either? Both strains have great genetics and it might be fun to see what happens. Thanks.

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Thats a very interesting question so i did some research…its too much info to type out, but this article was very informative, and it turns out there is 1 of 4 results possible depending on the traits of each plant. You can get photo, auto, or a mixture. But basically autoflower is a recessive trait, so unless both plants have that trait youll get photo. If the photo carries an autoflower trait though, you can get a mixture of the 2, where you could end up with some seeds being auto and others being photo

Its a great read:


Thanks for the info, it was a good read. Gonna give it a go!


Any seeds that do result have a good chance of being hermi. The auto that caused the seeds was hermi and that trait my get passed on.


This what I was gonna post too


Just curious, when you said ATF photo plant, were you talking about Alaskan Thunderf$@k? Back when I was growing photo period plants, I bought some supposedly feminized ATF seeds, but more of them turned out to be males than females.

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Yes, that is the strain. My ATF seeds came from a private breeder and the plant has phenomenal genetics. So if I do get a hermi plant out of the seed, not really anything lost. I have more ATF I can grow. If it doesn’t, maybe will consider a reveg.

Of course, in my home we call the ATF the “Awesome Thunder F@arts” plant. Makes my son laugh and I don’t have to drop the F bomb. :joy:


Found a couple more seeds after the chop. I also found that some of the small buds on the lemon haze had more nanners. I think I got them all, but does anyone have an idea about curing or smoking buds that may have a hidden nanner? Is the smoke gonna give me a headache :face_with_head_bandage:? Make me see sound?