Amnezia haze auto


Hi im doing some autoflower amnezia haze for the first time ever i got them to germinate in paper towels and transferred them to soil under a fluro light they first sproted 3 days ago and the stems are already growing quite tall just want to know if thats normal for these or should i try do something to fatten the stem abit theyre already nearly reaching the light or should i just move the light higher and let them do their own thing, also have had the light on 24 hours a day is that ok or should i shorten the time of light abit appreciate any tips t


Brother thay have long steams on em because there just reaching for light so here’s what to do! Repot them to were ever it is your going to be growing be careful not to break them long steams but!! And when you do put them in a deepth were the soil is just bit under base leaves water leaves :leaves: and that will give your girls strength in your steams hoped i helped


like this @Alisonftpnz


Thanks! I thought they must have been reaching for light i was hoping not to repot them till theyre abit older as i was going to put them outdoors as I dont have many places i can have the bigger pots inside where people wont see them theyre in biodegradable pots at the moment so I can just plant the whole thing into the bigger pots when theyre ready might see if I can find some bigger biodegradable pots so I dont have to tranfer them and cause stress and see if I get the soil higher on the stem and try ang get the light closer


As a temporary fix, you could add soil to those pots, and mound it up to support them so they don’t break before you transplant.


Thanks will do


@Alisonftpnz Would also recommend a better and stronger light. As stretched as they are they really need a stronger light. Good luck on your grow and welcome to the forum.


Ok and thankyou


@Alisonftpnz just repot then dig a deep enough hole so soil is were i showed you just be gentle and thay will boom :boom: trust me! Remember bigger the hole bigger the plant :seedling: for outdoors anyway :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:




@Alisonftpnz see what i mean that’s one plant :seedling:


Yea thats a mean plant is it an autoflower? unfortunately i wont be able to grow that big too many people will see it and smell it just going to put them in big pots so i can move them if i need them hidden


Yes that’s always a problem!!! No it’s not ato! And tigh your plant :seedling: down short but bushy get better yield too


Day 8


Looking much better yes?


That’s way better I’m excited to to see these gals grow :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


They do look better theyre just getting too tall for the little box i have them in theyre just starting to touch the lid which is what i had the light sitting on ill have to take the lid off no where else to sit the light i would put them in my shed with some lights but i would have to order the lights from overseas which would take too long to get here and theyre too expensive to buy in NZ so i think im gonna have to put these into there big pots and bury the stems abit deeper and maybe put a skinny stick next to them and tie them to that for extra support as they will have to be outside and wont handle the wind very well at the moment so still trying to figure out what to do was my first time putting them under any light next time will make sure its closer


Have had them in here for 3 hours and they look like theyre liking it the stems are already looking a little stronger and are turning green


They are still recovering, and need humidity, so find a way to dome them (individually with half a 2-liter bottle for example) and keep them moist!
You could even rig a tent with cellophane…

Looking great!


Nice :+1:t2: like i said but keep that soil up around the water leaves :leaves: you do want them to snap