Amnesia lemon auto

Hi everyone,

I am currently on day 39 of my auto grow. (first grow btw) and I thought I’d add some pictures of my grow from the beginning.

I thought I’d expirment and did my grow indoors and outdoors. I live in South Africa and we are going into winter and our days are shorter, but we still have some very nice sunny days.
Therefor on nice days my plant is outside and gets moved indoor under a 250 watt cfl combined with a 60 watt led(true watt)

I think it’s been working pretty well but definitely would like to upgrade my next grow with some stronger light in the grow box.

I have been growing this plant in a homemade medium of Peat moss, compost, perlite and vermiculite.

I have also been using the biobizz nutrient range.

Super keen to see the end result and will keep posting updates on here!

Any advise or input is always welcome as I am still a beginner.

Xoxo alice

Here is week 1-3 (day 7-21)

Here is week 4

And here is what she currently looks like day 39(5 weeks and 4 days) she’s in preflowers still…


Looking good!

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Thanks, I’m feeling quite chuffed with my first grow. I have done 100s of hours of research so glad it’s paying off!

When do you plan on letting it flower?

Might be prudent to start now so she finishes before your winter gets too harsh.

Or you could keep her going until just after winter and do an early spring grow.

She’s already flowering as she’s an Autoflower. I don’t take her out if the days are cold outside. Only on nice sunny days.

She should be done flowering in about 5 weeks I think

Duh, sorry. Didn’t digest the auto part. Looks like you have it handled!

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Yeah, can’t wait for summer season here as our summers are 7-8 months, with super long days till 8pm. I will then grow some photo period plants as they can get huge!

I’m sure. Look forward to seeing your summer grow.

I have some NL plants that are getting too big. I’m bummed as I will have to thin them out and bend them over, again!

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Photo periods? Are you growing them outdoors?

Yes. I tried for an early spring harvest and they just kept vegging.

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Look great

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Ahh man, yeah you can’t control outdoor plants. They do what they want haha. Maybe do some extra LST on her. At least when she does bud you will have a bountiful harvest. :seedling::blush:

Thanks Kyle! I will post some updates! Can’t wait for the buds to form!

My wwa are at day 42

Sorry I meant cyle😅 that’s awesome, lets see some pics? Want to compare as mine is on 40 days today…wanna make sure mines a good size

I’ve already supercropped the hell out of them(2 females).

I’m going to hack them back to 4 main stems then tie those down. Just waiting as I know if I do it too early I’ll be in the same boat.

Here they are, almost to the fence line:


Holy shet theyvblew up

I know!

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Wow! She is a beauty! She’s going to give you the nicest buds! Post pics when it’s that time!