Amnesia Hazs Auto. Day 66 since germination. Harvest tips?

Amnesia Haze Auto. Day 66 since germination. First grow here.

Pictures here. Amnesia Haze auto. Day 66 since germination - Album on Imgur

Parts of the buds have yellow/orange pistils but the buds are still growing some white pistils.

Do I have to see all yellow or orange pistils and no new white pistils?

Some of the trichomes are turning amber. Since it’s a sativa dom strain should I not let the trichomes get too amber?

Any harvest tips will be much appreciated!!

Thank you!


66 days would probably be a world record for amnesia haze auto. The three I recently harvested were between 117 - 123 days. If you search this site I think you will find this is a typical harvest range. Often see 14 - 16 weeks. It is sativa dominate as you said.

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Looks good.

Cool thanks. I’ve seen a few growdiaries of ILGM’s AH harvested at weeks 11-12 which seems early so I’m just trying to figure it out based on the buds maturing and trichomes. First time grower here so not sure what I should expect. a) all pistils need to be not white b) trichomes not fully clear? C) leaves drooping and yellowing d) any other signs?

You have it covered. May add bud stop adding volume / filling out. This photo is just before harvest day 118

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Damn that looks amazing. Did you LST & mainline?

The one on the right was topped with a little LST.
The other just a little LST. I had to add the tomato cage well into the grow because she was growing so tall. Simply bent her from one side to the other to reduce her height. They are pretty beat up because I stopped feeding them last couple of weeks, maybe a little longer because they just wouldn’t finish.

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