Amnesia Hazettied to pic a strain that loves heat


I haven’t posted anything for quite some time, although have read a good bit…even caught a comment somewhere about readers being suspicious to what degree i don’t remember the exact word used. Nevermind about that. After my attempt at GDP, and a horrible WWA, during which i took a month in the rockies and beyond. I’ve never felt like I’ve had the best lighting and now resorting back to original lights. Growing Amnesia Haze in the best tropical conditions I can muster. 5 seeds sprouted within 3 days. Solo cups for 4 weeks under a 150 hps with 2 fans in a makeshift tent. Today transplanted to home in tent…2 150 hps, 4 monkey fans, 4" intake from a cold air conditioned house. Temp daytime staying around 81-85, nighttime around 73 with 60+ humidity

First plant has really tight nodes, others just recently topped. All are 35 day from seed.


Thats Amnesia Haze, tried to pic a strain that loves heat. Maybe title is really why i dont post


How is your ph? Looks like it could be a problem. I find that autos respond the best if transplanted before they flower. You want those roots happy in flower mode for the stretch. I let a couple white widow autos get root bound in early flower. They both produce significantly less then the two I transplanted before flower. The two in flower produced maybe 1/2 to 3/4 oz while the other two produce about 10 oz between the two. My first auto grow was terrible. Maybe a 1/4 off three plants. The next grow I invested in my grow room and researched obsessively. My grows still aren’t great but I’m getting there.


So far I’ve been lucky enough to flush for a couple of weeks and dry harvest before new plants go in tent. So I’m germinating 4xs/yr. Bought some on trip to the rockies just for kicks. Retired nurse…saw alot of nausea and vomiting the docs attributed to marijuana induced. Don’t have an outside source and don’t want one. Even my worst grows offers up something!


I start mine in Solo cups, 7 days after sprout they go to their 7 gal forever home. And is there really that big of a difference berween indoor and outdoor growing? My WWA was my 2nd ever grow, halfway through I quit using nutes because girls didn’t respond well and I still ended up with about 13 oz off 4 plants.


An advantage you have growing indoor is putting them directly into their forever home. I’m also finding out they don’t need much food. I use supersoil and am finding out easy does it with WWA.


I tried to transplant earlier with my last WWA grow. Did not work out well. Broke 1 I thought completely, but turns out must of had some small peices of root left. Talk about a miniature. No pics. Unsteady hands need more solo growth. As i said earlier, nurse, starting IV’s. A couple of times shaking so bad told patient to look away. 9 of 10 a hit. Had a crew of pros to call on for help. If your nurse has the shakes, give her a break if you can!!! The approach is the shakyist. All my co workers aware and supportive. I know there are other nurses in my position. I was glad when retirement came.


From my WWA bust. Worst grow to date. 3 draws on vape, not so shamed now!


46 days

Not terribly disappointed


60 days

No bud of the month


70 days. Ready for something to start happening here


80 days


Oooooweeeeeee!!! Frosty :drooling_face:


I broke a branch a couple of weeks ago. Let it dry. Good stuff


I really need to up my light game. Buds in last pic look frosty but thin. Anyone wanting to suggest, welcome!


@dbrn32 is the resident light guy. But he’ll need to know your space size. @Srsloman


Agreed, have to know what kind of space we’re working with first. Also do you want to stay with hid, or open to whatever? And what kind of budget are you working with?


My tent is 3x3x6. I’m at the point where anything would be better and will pay for itself soon


If you’re looking for high return on investment, I would check out a quantum board kit from horticulture lighting group. The xw 260 kit would be popular option for 3x3.


@dbrn32 Thanks, I’ll check it out