Amnesia Haze won’t grow after seeds crack

Hi, all! I have a quick question. I purchased the feminized ones as I wanted to try a different sativa-dominant variety. I did my usual routine with the soaking and planting, but the plants stopped growing. I use Fox Farm soil and no nutrients as the developing roots would burn up. The one thing that I have not tried is a seedling warming pad to keep the temperature relatively constant. Does anyone have any ideas why my little guys are stopping just after cracking the shell with a 0.5 inch tail?

Are you pre moistening your medium that helps a lot to guide the tap root down along with keeping them domed and keeping the seed area moist with 3 sprays twice a day

Ocean forest is to hot it will continue burning your seedlings

Specifically what Fox Farms product did you use?

Fox farms light warrior is seedling friendly

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each seed is a roll of the genetic dice. most are healthy. some aren’t. some hatch and the tap root pops out…then nothing. no unusual. generally not growers fault.
fertilized media is not good for babies.

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I put my seedling in of all the time they do just fine

Try a heat mat with a dome.
Any time I have had trouble with seeds I didnt use heat mat or dome.

After seeds grow tail you can start them in a solo cup. Place in dome with mat under it. Add water to domes tray. It will cause high rh that seedling love. I also put a light above dome.
Use a less hot soil for starting as seeds do not need any fertilizer.

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Really I just started using it and it burns 2 of my seedling right of the back

Are you using anything else with it? I use a bottle of water 3ml of clonex solution and half a tspn of great white to feed them. I just transplanted 8 from humidity dome to solo cups into OF and gave em a little of that mixture and they do wicked. Are you trying to ph or something? Maybe something else might be burning them.

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I never have problem germination and even 2 at the same time , next dropped change soil to start in and no problem they growing now , it just didn’t work for me I guess

Idk thats weird. I’ve always used of and never had a problem. Whatever works I guess lol

Yeah I though the same , I just don’t use those too thing squares so I plant directly that’s why , maybe

This is my first time germing in riot rooters. I use them for clones obviously but just trying em out. They work pretty good. I used to do the paper towel then right into solos with of


Mmm i will have to try it again for some reason my seeds didn’t popped and I was like ain’t gonna be wasting my seeds I been germinating very consistently so I blamed it on the soil , I guess I did some different I don’t know at this point

Had the same issue with them. 2 popped but seems like after 2 nodes they just stopped where they are at. A friend of mine took 2 also and 1 nothing the other is looking poor. Thinki g the 2 i popped are a little over watered being outside. Moved them hoping this will help out on the watering issue.

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Yes, I moistened like I do my other seeds. The other guys did very well, and my Purple Haze is going crazy. These strains were planted at the same time and same conditions.

I’m thinking the same thing. Some strains are finicky about water. I’ll try again with a bit less water and a steadier temperature.

different strains have different nute needs and growth rates…
This is why I don’t grow different strains at the same timestrong text**** It’s just a lot easier and less complicated.