Amnesia Haze Outdoor Grow

This is my first time growing, how do they look so far? I started on May 6th, so from today we’re on day 46. Everything is growing in Happy frog soil, although I feel like I planted too closely together. The first four are in buckets with holes buried, and the others are in Happy frog soil in the groud.
Sera Jr: Topped.

Dipshit: Non-topped.

Joe: Topped.

420: Topped.

Help Me Hold This Wall Up: Topped.

Luis Jr.: Topped. Flowering is starting.

Step plant: Non topped.

Crack cocaine: Non topped.

Shitstain: Non topped.




They look nice and healthy, good job :+1:

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Very nice job, especially for a first grow!

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So far so good. Your doing something right. Happy Growing!

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What strains

All of them are Amnesia haze. I got 20 seeds and just did my first 10, and I have 8 seedlings growing right now so I could rotate them. Kinda went crazy lol

Outdoors you want a minimum of 3ft between plants unless you are gonna scrog or you could lst them away from each other. The last time I grew 4 plants in a 5x10 greenhouse it was way too crowded

Yeah for my next batch of seedlings I was going to place in 5 gal buckets and spread them out instead of directly in the ground.

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Luis Jr. Is starting to flowering nicely :slight_smile:

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Pre flower for sure. Happy growing.

Dipshit: here; I was wondering if these leaves look more like an Indica strain? They’re fairly wider and larger than the rest.

Line up has grown significantly in the last few days.

Luis. Jr Pre flower is looking stronger everyday, much more white pistils.


Kinda smells like popcorn? Growing like crazy in this wicked heat. How’s it looking?


@Seraphina they are looking awesome. Keep up with whatever you are doing as you’re doing something right.
Don’t ya just love growin’ outdoors? Relying on mother nature to provide you good bounty.

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Okay, day 62 here. Honestly just been letting mother nature do her thing, and I’m not keeping a super step by step updated journal on them like I did when I was starting out. My main question is, how much longer does Luis Jr. look like she has to harvest? I ordered a magnifying glass so I can check out the trichomes better, which will be updated in a few days.

Luis Jr, day 62:

For size reference, I wasn’t expecting them to be so large so far :sweat_smile: I’m 5’, so they’re about 4 feet tall so far:

Any advice for when I should expect to harvest Luis Jr? They’re all flowering at different times, but Luis Jr. is the first one flower.

@Seraphina Luis Jr. has a long way to go before harvest. Patience young grasshopper!
Get yourself a jeweler’s loop if you don’t already have one to check tricomes.

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If it just started flower then at least a couple months

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Just got my jeweler’s loop! How do you guys take such good pictures of them? I tried to snag a few but they still seem blurry. How are the tris looking? :slight_smile:

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@Seraphina hard to tell. can you increase the magnification?

@Seraphina from what I can see just zooming in on the picture, they look mostly clear.
you don’t want to look at the tricomes on the sugar leaves, you want to be checking the buds like in the second pic, but I prefer to look at the calyx. I still say you have a long way to go. I don’t even start to look at tricomes until closer to the end of August for my area. maybe earlier this year as they started flowering earlier.
you want to be aiming for tricomes to switch from all clear, to all cloudy with 20’ish percent amber then chop. more amber the more the thc is degrading causing more couch lock experience. thc at its highest potency when all cloudy…so I’ve read.

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