Amnesia Haze, OG Kush and Super Skunk... meet the Growbot( for entertainment purposes only)


Thanks for the positive vibes man, I would love to see them full of green too. Take it easy…


I’m in, I want to see this too.


@Hippiebeachbiker saddle up and we`ll go for a putt man.


Sounds great. I’m an amnesia haze fan. I love growing them and have been experimenting with cloning.


Sorry I’m late to the party but I’m set to watching @Holmes. Best of luck with this one. :v:


We are all high anyway, so better late than never @Oldguy. Thanks for the kind words and welcome.


I love the carts you built! is that pan a “run off pan”? And I guess you attach the nets to those pegs on the top?

Way kool! Nice job Holmes


We ride a 51 panhead.


@kw_Bat Thanks and welcome to the ILGM forum. The run off pan is actually a cat litter box from the MEGA-LOW mart, and yes the self drilling screws are to wind string around to make scrog net.


I don’t ride anymore, my inner ear was damaged in an explosion and my balance fkd. I still live it though.


LOL and I hit a tree at about 60miles an hour. Slowed my riding down a few years later.



The four L to R AMH, OGK SSK1 and SSK2 @ basically 3 days, and looking good.


Thanks for the tag @Holmes! Set to watching.


You are welcome, and thank you for checking it out






I also made growbot a more manageable 36"x 36". I lost 2.1 sq.ft. But you gotta give a little to get a little huh?


Looking great :wink: I’m all out of likes for now but I’ll be back around with one :+1:


That looks really nice! Well done enjoy your grow. Good luck. I’ll be following along for sure. :+1::deciduous_tree:


Lookin good @Holmes. Gotta luv when they come above ground. :v:


Aaaaand their off nice start too.


Look great off to a good start!